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Member since: Thu Apr 6, 2017, 07:20 PM
Number of posts: 12,896

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I really feel like we living out the PURGE movie!

NO ONE can stop it in the next two years!!

Why doesn't the House hire Mueller?

Is this possible IF Barr stopped his investigation?

Not sure if this has been asked before BUT

IF the impeachment process gets to the SENATE, Who makes the rules? Is it McTURTLE OR is it Chief Justice Roberts? Also is there an appeal process for tRUMP if he is found guilty? TY

Did i miss something?

Just wondering if at ANY of the hearings going on, yesterday and today, did ANYONE ask Barr if he told Mueller to end his investigation NOW? Or did Mueller jsut end it on his own? (which i DO NOT BELIEVE)

People in the know help me here please. Could the House start impeachment proceedings just

For the purpose of getting the Mueller report and tRUMPS taxes? Then delay the process until a closer to election time? I read somewhere that if impeachment was started by the house THESE documents would have to be provided without delay. Is this wrong? TY in advance.

SNL is gonna have fun with the Nielsen FIRING!!


The furure will test our constitution AND our


If tRUMPS taxes have been fucked up (under audit) for last 20 years, then

Maybe IRS needs to be subpoenaed to see what (WHO) the fuck is covering up this shit? Is this possible?

With tRUMPS administration do Court orders mean anything anymore?

I just have this feeling that Courts lost their power? Appeal appeal appeal seems the way it goes anymore. I worry about subpoenas as well. The system is rigged i feel. I'm positive we will win the battle, but it's NOT the same process as it once was! VOTE VOTE VOTE is our only REAL solution!!!

Two questions here. Supreme Court.

1) Is it possible for the House to FAST TRACK the question on tRUMPS taxes to the SC? 2) If possible Do we want to?
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