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Goodheart's Journal
Goodheart's Journal
March 31, 2021

I'm trying to make sense of Gaetz's self defense

So, the New York Times broke the story that Gaetz is being investigated for child sex trafficking in order to distract from the ACTUAL investigation, that the FBI is investigating somebody who's trying to extort him? Matt, how did that need a distraction when nobody knew about it?

And, Matt, your father was even wearing a wire in order to nab the extortionist? Why would you say as much if your goal is to catch the extortionist? Here's what I think: that you said so because you want to act like you're a willing in-the-know participant in the investigation.

Aside from those observations I now have a serious question:

Matt, do you think we're all as stupid as the people who voted for you?

March 30, 2021

Do I have A.D.D.? I'll describe some of my behaviors.

- I don't know how to sit around, relax, and do nothing. That's why I'm not a fan of beaches, I reckon. When I go to such I have to walk along the shore line, and not just lay there soaking in the sun.

- I have to be constantly entertained. I have a small TV next to the bathtub to watch a show when I'm bathing. I have a small TV under the kitchen counter to watch a show while I'm cooking or washing dishes.

- I can't bear to wait in lines. It raises my blood pressure. If I get caught in a long line, say at a grocery store, I've been known to just leave the cart packed and walk out.

- When I play board games I insist on timers. Analysis paralysis drives me nuts. It's just a game, not life and death, just play already!

- When I travel I hurry my meals, even at fine restaurants, because I want to go out and walk around the city.

I need a drug.

March 26, 2021

Should all states be abolished? (i.e. end our federal system of government?)

I see three big reasons for rewriting our Constitution to end the notion of separate states:

1- That somebody could be treated vastly differently, depending on which state you happen to reside in, particularly in regard to criminal codes and voting rights/power, seems quite contrary to justice.

2- Our current system makes it more difficult to respond to national emergencies. Obvious case in point: this covid pandemic, where a country like South Korea could enact nationwide mandates without the interference of state governments.

3- Our system makes economic progress more difficult. Cases in point: giant water systems in China, modern high speed rail systems in Japan, ultra modern and vast construction projects in Dubai, Taiwan, Qatar, etc. (in this latest point our system of capitalism also is a major hindrance).

March 26, 2021

Made You Look

I'm talking about the Netflix documentary "Made You Look: The True Story About Fake Art", which I watched two days ago.

So, Ann Freedman is an obvious crook, and she only adds to the perception that very rich people are more often that not able to escape justice.

But, I must admit, there's a big part of me that's gratified by her fraud. Why, you might ask? Because the paintings themselves, even when authentic, are bullshit.

March 25, 2021

Brand names you trust


March 23, 2021

A commentary on Mark Rothko


March 20, 2021

Couple of years old now, but what did trump serve the Clemson football team?

From the BBC's "Big Fat Quiz on Everything" .... Richard Ayoade cracks me up. Don't know how to time-stamp this, but start at 10:45

March 17, 2021

Movies that made you angry

I don't mean semi-historical, biographical movies that show atrocities like concentration camps or the rape of Nanking or the bombing of the World Trade Center and stuff like that.

I mean movies where you paid good money for admission and then immediately wished you had your money back because you feel that YOU got raped.

I've got three in mind:

1- Mulholland Drive: just wtf was that, except an exercise in being different and illogical for the sake of being different and illogical? it certainly wasn't pretty or poetic enough to be ART.

2- Memento: yeah, it was shown in unchronological order because otherwise, in proper sequence of events, it would have bored you to tears. It was boring, anyway, and on top of that you got a nice fat bonus of confusion.

3- The Prestige: look, if I wanted science fiction I would have searched for that genre. I wanted drama, a people story, and got crapped on instead with a ridiculous story and wholly implausible science.

I guess I've said it in a roundabout way: Chris Nolan owes me money.

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