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Profile Information

Gender: Female
Home country: US
Current location: AK
Member since: Tue Apr 18, 2017, 02:44 PM
Number of posts: 4,438

Journal Archives

Macklemore. I can't change.

Even if I wanted to.


Seattle snow day!

At least 12 inches where I live. Made it to work on time, walked in the back door and was told they were shutting down. I was one of 6 people. ...Spent half hr uncovering my vehicle this morning. Good times.

I am gonna have a “spa day” at home this morning then take a walk to the river to take some photographs. The trees look epic! Still snowing too.

Hot buttered rum(s) are next on the agenda. Cheers!

Egg baked in avocado

I tried it for the first time today. Avocados have been cheap lately at the groc so I have been buying more. Googled some other ways to use them and found this way to (basically) poach an egg.

I think it is more trouble than it is worth. Tho the flavors do go well together.

I used a slice of bacon under the avocado half, then precooked both to make sure the bacon was properly done and the egg was hitting hot avocado flesh. Scooped out a little flesh too. Cracked the egg right in the avocado. After about 15-20 min I had a mostly cooked egg. Served with toasted baguette to dip in the yolk.

I probably won’t go to the trouble again tho. I like other combinations better.

Hot Buttered Rum

Having one as a night cap tonight. Harvey’s Butter Rum Batter. Made in WA!
Do you have a favorite recipe?

I tried my very first one at Thanksgiving but it was a powdered mix at a bar so I had to look up how to make.

I used homemade vanilla ice cream with brown and powdered sugars and cinnamon.
Mixed these and some butter in a mug and filled with hot water - leave room for the rum! This is my favorite as it is very creamy from the ice cream. Keep a stir stick or spoon nearby as it seperates easy.

MAGA wall toy. Ages 5 and up.

Yes, it appears to be real.
At first I thought it was a Legos toy but thankfully not!

Here’s the link to the CNN story: https://www-m.cnn.com/2018/11/14/us/maga-building-blocks-trnd/index.html?r=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.cnn.com%2F

WA State Rep Lisa Callan came out to the protest

To thank us and shake hands.
North Bend WA

About 40 protesters in downtown on the main 4 corners area. We were there for an hour. Lots of honks, waves and thumbs up.

Any election watch parties in Western WA?

I am in the Snoqualie valley.
No tv. May go to a bar but doubt there will be many tvs tuned to results.

Stopping in to show off

My I Voted avatar/sticker!

What’s up?

Just filled out my ballot in WA!

Go Dems everywhere!

"He's an idiot!"

CNN’s article on Bob Woodward’s book has me rolling on the floor!

Especially this “quote” from Kelly:

"He's an idiot. It's pointless to try to convince him of anything. He's gone off the rails. We're in crazytown," Kelly is quoted as saying at a staff meeting in his office. "I don't even know why any of us are here. This is the worst job I've ever had."


My take? We have been in crazytown since the WH resident stole the election Nov 2016!

And I say to Kelly: Dude, you made that bed. Sleep in it! You just might be an idiot, too...for taking that job.
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