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The Mouth

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Member since: Wed Apr 26, 2017, 01:08 PM
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And another attempt at suppressing RKBA gets slapped down



Are you listening Gavin?

You can't make it harder to own and carry a gun than you make it to vote, protest, or write a letter to the editor. Rights are rights, and the fact that some assholes don't like other people exercising their rights means exactly zero. In fact, I take a lot of glee at watching people who would restrict my rights - be that who I marry, what I carry, what I write, or if I protest - being made miserable.

And the emergency appeal is GOING to get slapped down, as it should. The only thing any attempts to restrict *any* rights should result in are horrific legal bills for those trying to impinge upon them. The fact someone might be bothered by me carrying a firearm means exactly as little to me as the fact they may be bothered that I have a husband of the same sex as myself, in other words LESS than zero, a feature not a bug.

'It's the only thing we've got': Central California cops aim to turn town's only library into police

Because screw libraries when the cops need to spend money.


"It’s a quiet Friday afternoon in McFarland, California. Inside the Clara M. Jackson Library in the center of town, there’s a steady but calm hum of activity. Yet the overall mood is weighty, and the situation, beyond the smiles on its youngest patrons’ faces, seems dire.

The library, the town’s only one, may soon no longer be in this building. Why? Because McFarland’s police are attempting to take it over as their new headquarters. ...."

SCOTUS sending several more gun control cases back to lower courts

In light of last week's ruling — which said that Americans have a right to carry a gun outside the home — lower courts should take another look at several cases that had been awaiting action by the high court, the court said. Those cases include ones about high-capacity magazines, an assault weapons ban, and a state law that limits who can carry a gun outside the home.

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