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Member since: Sat Jun 17, 2017, 11:44 PM
Number of posts: 816

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Now I see why people warned me against joining this website.

You can't seem to bring up concerns or debate without getting slammed.



I will remain a "lurker" as you call people.

I will find out late breaking news and enjoy the Daily toon Round up and laugh out loud toons but I will not post publically again.

Did Six Flags Go too far?

I am asking this NOT to cause anyone pain or anger. I have this honest debate inside me.

Anyone know the history behind the use of Six Flags?

It represented the various powers that ruled over the land we call Texas now. I always thought it was a cool way to sneak history into an amusement park. And before I go any further --I have never been inside the amusement park so I don't know the theme or anything.

Yes, we do have an ugly past. Yes, we are flawed as a people (and I am referring to White Privilege.) but do we disappear our history completely?

for the record I try to be color blind when seeing people. I don't try and make judgements on people based on what they look like but based on their actions. I like to think I am doing a good job but history will judge me as well as my fellow world citizens.

We need to listen to history...maybe we did listen to it we wouldn't have Trump now.

Anyways, yes the monuments to confederate war heroes was a way to harm and oppress the minorities. A quiet reminder that they are still under the thumb --sort of speaking.

Yes, the founding fathers where flawed themselves. If you look at a lot of their private papers a lot of them voiced their frustration at the issue with talking about men created equal and slavery.

Yes, Jefferson with as brilliant as he was had some stupid narrow-minded views when it came to African Americans ( that they are not as smart.)

What I worry about --and maybe it is my passion of the subject of history--is that we are so busy trying to fix our past we don't bother to learn from it.

For he record I identify myself as an American First than I identify myself as a person of Italian& Lebanese decent ( My parents are divorce and I was reared by my mother whose father's nationality was Italian and her mother's nationality was Lebanese --If fact that was the culture I was the most expose too.) For the record my Dad is "Heinz's 57 variety" meaning he has ancestors from all different countries. basically the melting pot this country claims to be.

Maybe this is the time we come together and celebrate the different cultures that brought us all to this country's shores AND while we are at it. Apologize for basically talking over the native American's land. Perhaps it is time to bring the native Americans nations into the way we run our government.

and yes I am rambling and probably sounding like a fucking nut case at best. but I am looking at all these talking heads and all this it's this fault it's that's fault BUT what I am not seeing is the idea that yes, there are wrong in our culture but let us fix it.

I also don't want us to see history with all it's flaws be disappeared to fix it.

Real question we need to ask What is Bannon's firing Distracting from?

That meeting happened at Camp David today. No one is talking about that. No one is talking any more about how unusual that meeting was or Pence cutting his trip short to be there.

CNN spesking to Corey Stewart What a piece of work!

Chris is handing this man is back side.

Start with ANTFA is a Terror group. That Media a leftist group that isn't telling the truth.

When. Who else... what will happen? Camp David 8/18/17 history?

So will tomorrow be a footnote to history or a major page in history books?

When will this meeting take place?

Any indication others will be at this meeting?

Are we getting clues yet about the meeting?

I will be stuck at work tomorrow and other than lunch won't be able to follow it much.

When in history has a mayor or Governor ever told a President Do Not Come.

Aside from a natural disaster where resources would take away from rescue / recovery. Even then they ask the President to delay his visit.

This is the first time I have ever found a President told. Do not come?

So let me get this straight --

Now I've been at work with a crappy music station's 3 minutes of news every hour.

So I heard about Spain. Don't mean to insult the pain and Tragedy of that event BUT let me get something straight.

What happen in Spain was a Murder and Terrorism in Trump's mind BUT Charlotteville he can't bring himself to say murder or Terroristic act?

Was Trump Lawyer reason why Trump said in press conference Are we taking down

memorials to Washington and Jefferson.

Yes, reports are that White House officials not on chain. But couldn't the lawyer have created multiple chains? Or might he had mentioned it to Trump in conversation?

Let's talk about Pence for a moment.

With speculation about tomorrow's Camp David meeting.

There is a 25% chance we could have President Pence This weekend.

But are we exchanging 1 crazy for another.

Correct me if I am wrong but isn't Pence the man who calls his wife Mother and refuses to sit at a table without his wife Present?

This is the man who signed into law (as governor) that Businesses could discriminate against the LGBT community.

If this is the stuff we know. How dangerous will he Be and yeah we are getting rid of Bat-shit crazy another insane dictator-wannabe?

What do you think Friday Camp David meeting is about?

Can't do a poll like I have seen.


An intervention to get Trump to resign?

Starting a war or bombing North Korea to distract?

They know Mueller is about to hand in the indictment?

Or after what Col Wilkerson said on All In and follow last days of Rome when Military took control.
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