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Gender: Male
Hometown: New Jersey
Home country: USA
Member since: Tue Jul 25, 2017, 11:03 AM
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Philadelphia Eagles fan

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Eww. The big turd thrusting his tongue down her throat and grabbing privates and more I think I will

vomit. I hope she kept the clothes, anyone know if she did? Either way, I believe her completely, because we hear TFG admitting that when you are a celebrity "they just let you do it". Castrate the bastard. At deps he will do what comes natural, lie. For 6 years this man has occupied a space in my head and I want him out. My kids laugh at me because I hated Bush so much but who ever thought a creature like TFG existed. I tell my kids I would take Bush for president for life instead of TFG. Bush must thank God every day for Trump who has increased his stature exponentially.

Just a complete an utter outrage Dobbs is and their "race neutral" fiction regarding the 14th amend

is another outrage when viewed in historical context. But here's the problem, to even understand and accept what the conservative's mean by "race neutral" takes a certain level of depravity because it is so contorted deom the historical record just like Dobbs. KJB did a great job explaining why the 14th amend was passed putting in context with historical events at the time it was passed. Compare KJB's plain, sensible, and logical explanation for the passage of the 14th to the conservative "race neutral" interpretation and it simply boggles the mind that they can advance this idea with a straight face.

SCOTUS has gone rogue and if Dems ever have the numbers in the House and Senate then impeachment of all 6 justices is warranted. Let them stand trial in the Senate and try to convince regular Americans that they have obeyed their oaths as impartial interpreters of the Constitution who haven't put politics and religion over the meaning of the Constitution. Now they hide behind legal theories that the vast majority of Americans do not understand. Confront them in open Court under cross-examination to justify their twisted beliefs in view of the historical record and show just how political and corrupt they are.

We have learned that republicans mean what they say. Why would old folks in Fla and elsewhere vote

Republican. If Dems ever win solid majorities in the house and senate and we have a Dem. president, there must be a real effort to push the limits of limiting the 1st. Amend to stop rw media, especially Fox from polluting the minds of so many Americans.

There's absolutely no reason for the vast majority of middle class and working poor Americans to vote republican. Radical change is needed. The vast majority of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck. The American dream is largely over or untrainable for most Americans. Corporate America has their feet on the necks of Americans and wringing every last dollar from them for profits. So much wealth has accumulated in so few hands that life in America is so miserable that the only enjoyment millions of people have is following a traitorous ex-president and his party and they demonize and stoke fear in Democrats and other vulnerable groups just for the fun of it. It's so easy for them to hate LGBQ and minorities just for the fun of it. It's so easy to label Dems as "woke". Republicans are too brainwashed to realize that being "woke" is good for them and America. It's so much easier for them to ridicule and hate than to accept and love.

I recently read an Instagram post from a space account I follow and it said that if you are looking

for heaven it's right here on earth. Basically, of all the trillions of stars and galaxies the chance to find earth and life as we know it is so incredibly small that it can be said that earth is heaven.

Alito and his opinion in Dobbs is shit. His arguments and legal reasoning shockingly out of touch

with majority of Americans. It's like living in an episode of The Twilight Zone. Here I was thinking that when Hillary was elected SCOTUS would be set for at least a generation. Go F yourself Alito, you self-righteous prick.

Yes these journalists must make up their minds, either you are a book author or political reporter.

Members of the journalist community who hold themselves out as political reporters should not have the option to selectively withhold facts that are vital to an informed public. Newspapers, magazines, and internet news organizations should require some type of ethics or contracts that prohibit the writing of books to detriment of their journalistic responsibilities to inform the public of important information they obtain during their employment.

American military power especially the navy has largely shaped and maintained the world order since

the end of WWII. Yes we spend a massive amount of money on our military budget which has allowed the globalization to flourish to our benefit. Our navy keeping the sea lanes open has allowed many other countries to participate in the world economy which has translated into much cheaper products at home. It has also allowed the US dollar to become the only reliable reserve currency. Geopolitical considerations such as population problems will severely affect many countries such as China who doesn't have enough young people to support its rapidly aging population. China is no match for Western military power as it relies heavily on foreign energy and has very poor natural resources. Globalization, however, is coming to an end. The pandemic and supply chain problems will cause many companies to bring manufacturing home or closer to home. America is well positioned for an economic boom as new factories are built that will offer good high paying jobs. The problem we are going to have is providing enough skilled labor especially in the trades. We are going back to the old economic model like we has before the fall of the Soviet Union and rise of China as a manufacturing giant. Inflation will be a thing again but better wages will help offset higher prices. And I can't wait until the day we pay migrants from Mexico and Central America to come to the USA and help with the labor shortage especially in agriculture. As crops rot because there is no labor to harvest I doubt we will hear about migrant caravans at the border.

Seriously, can you think of a worse person in America to have access to this information. Think of

any Republican in our history and is there a worse one? Benedict Arnold was a fierce General who risked he life in battle before he turned and became a traitor. Trump doesnít have patriotic bone in his body and is full blown sociopathic, malignant narcissist who would sell his family for a buck. A man with not one redeeming quality was put in charge of the most powerful nation and was told he was immune from prosecution. Take the worse Bond Gillian and times him by a million and you have Trump.

I love your thinking here. I hope it is so. I hope it is a long, and devastating list of disclosures

that mortally wound the GOP.

I just can't imagine where we would be if TFG won in 2020 and to now hear that the H may flip after

the Democrats pushed through historic legislation over the past 2 years makes me sick. McCarthy as leader pushing lie after lie and conspiracy theories while further dividing and degrading the our country and itís institutions. I have heard it said that destroying
Democracies start out slowly but end fast. If Rs win the House or Senate after all Democrats and Biden have done the past 2 years then we are definitely seeing the rapid collapse of our once good nation. Not to mention losing after the tsunami of disastrous SCOTUS decisions brought to us by Republican Justices who have violated the most basic of legal principles and their oaths of office.
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