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Gender: Male
Hometown: New Jersey
Home country: USA
Member since: Tue Jul 25, 2017, 12:03 PM
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Philadelphia Eagles fan

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I keep going back and forth about her, but that was a damn good speech today. And I must say I

thoroughly enjoy watching Republicans tear themselves apart. Itís a wonderful spectacle to watch all these Republican cuckolds bend each other over and stick it to their own in service to one of the worst Americanís to ever live let alone a former president. I hate to be crude but Liz should strap one on and bend over McCarthy and show him whose the real boss is. McCarthy is toast whether Liz is ousted or not and he is exposing himself and fellow Republicans as the truly gutless traitors we all know they are.

I agree. What good is HR1 when the SC will uphold restrictive state voting laws. It seems each

election we say this is the most important election of our lifetime. It was absolutely true in 2020 and the 2022 mid-terms which will become the next ďmost important election of our lifetimeĒ. The only hope I see to combat the structural inequities of the electoral college and gerrymandered state legislative districts that maintain R power while being outvoted at the ballot box is to end the filibuster. Short of that, we must win every election by enormous numbers and even that may not be good enough in some states that are gerrymandered that even when Dems win the popular vote Rs still send more reps to congress. The window to act is closing, the filibuster must go.

Imagine a young Bin Ladin or RW religious zealot with ambitions watching 1/6 and seeing how exposed

our seats of power have become. Just like the
ransomeware attack on the gas pipeline has exposed our cyber flaws in critical infrastructure held in the hands of private companies. As a country we are being picked apart by the RW media conspiracies of lies and foreign actors who see us as a paper tiger.

We are naive if we believe democracy will prevail in the fight against

Republican extremism. They will do whatever it takes to win we have seen that time and again. For four years they refused to stand up for democracy and broke every norm we all took for granted. The window is shutting fast and I am terrified of 2022. How many times have we screamed they canít do that and they did it anyway and now we are seeing the making of a new King named DeSantis propped up by Fox. Folks we are in deep trouble. It wonít matter if Biden makes life for the common person better, this is a cultural war and itís Libs vs the Nazis. They have proven they will do what it takes to win but do we share the same commitment ? If we donít get rid of the filibuster then we know the answer.

Great story. As a defense attorney myself I use Crawford daily. Tried to engage my

4 adult educated kids, one works for Medtronic, one 4th year med student, one in nursing school, and one works for a publishing house and I couldnít get any of them engaged. I thought your post shows a good example of arguing against the originalist reading of the constitution. Maybe itís me or just my household but they could care less. I told them itís their generation that is to be greatly affected by the imbalance of SCOTUS. My kids went to great k-6th public schools and all Catholic High School expensive HS that was 95% Republican. But my kids grew up with me forcing them to watch Keith Olbermann on MSNBC Special Comments during ďWĒ presidency, so one could say that they were brainwashed by me to be progressives. But they really donít care which is scary. I figure my oldest son who is going to be an orthopedic surgeon will turn to the right because of taxes and tort reform. I know there are many young people who are active progressives but my biggest fear is lack of a basic understanding of how government works or history. When I went to school in the 70ís and 80ís we learned history and civics. Today Iím not so sure how many students really understand how government works. History we once took for granted isnít being taught. Moreover, amount of knowledge available to learn and teach is so vast now itís hard to know what a basic curriculum should look like beyond learning to read, math skills, and internet. My niece teaches 7th graders and said she doesnít teach subjects, teachers teach students how to find the material online. Sorry for the wandering rant from a frustrated Dad.

I'm an attorney from South Jersey and have been floored by many of my colleagues who are smart,

successful attorneys who have the same beliefs you mention about your patient. You would think someone trained in the law would recognize the threat to our democracy posed by Trump and could recognize the lies about the pandemic. Actually, I started to notice just how many of fellow attorneys from a solid blue state like NJ supported ďWísĒ presidency which also baffled me as the lies started in ernest with his administration. The Obama came along and you would think that they would recognize his brilliance even if you didnít agree with his policies. I reasoned that they were racists. My brother-in-law is an uneducated but extremely successful builder and is worth a lot of money. He has gone full Q to the point I stopped engaging with him before the 2020 election. He did say one thing that I now believe to be true. He said that Obama presidency was the worse thing to happen to race relations in our country. I sneered at him but time has proven he was correct. While we on the left saw Obama for what he is, a brilliant, moral man who epitomizes the American dream and saved our country, the Right couldnít handle having a black man in the Oval Office and it drove them over a cliff to the point they would support the likes of Trump who embodies everything that is wrong with our country.

These big bearded bubbas don't realize that there are plenty of progressives with guns and know how

to shoot straight. RW gun waivers are cowards. Just like the last civil war they will get their asses handed to them. The big talkers should remember how the industrial might of the Union ground them to submission. Just watch how they turn on each other trying to save themselves from prison. Progressives talk softly but carry a big stick ready to slap the crap out of these traitorous bastards. They wake the sleeping giant at their own peril. I canít wait for the day to come when the ďwokeĒ movement rises up against Fox, Murdochís and rest of the propagandists who should be dealt with like the Italians dealt with Mussolini. Drag them through the streets for the crimes they have committed against this country. A reckoning is coming and the right better straighten their shit out before itís too late.

Good. Christian, fascists bastards defund planned parenthood and want to impose their Taliban style

of governance on the state. Texas governor is a first class asshole and has Wís intelligence. Texas wants to leave the country, I say good riddance. I would love to watch Mexico take back their territory from the country of Texas. I would laugh my ass off seeing Texan refugees storming into the USA and being put in cages for deportation. You canít fault a guy for dreaming and I apologize to my DU brothers and sisters and fellow Democrats who live in Texas and oppose the radical right there. Just the fantasizing of a guy who lived in Texas 30 years ago while attending law school for 3 years and was stopped once a week by confederate cops harassing a yankee driving a car with NJ license plates. Once I purchased a car in Houston and put Texas plates on the weekly car stops, stopped.

I'm from South Jersey and went to private Catholic High School where I met

my wife. This was about the same time period as Kavenaugh sexually assaulting women and was getting black out drunk. As a football player and at the center of the schools social scene, until I met the future wife, I saw quite a few coaches ďhooking upĒ with students at after game parties. It bothered me then and still does. Catholic Co-Ed high school in the Philadelphia-South Jersey region in the mid-70ís was a free for all. Drugs, alcohol, groups of male students grabbing and mauling female students in cars was common. Then you had teachers and students hooking up along with at least one catholic priest who was our theology teacher and golf coach was later charged with sexually assaulting a boy on the golf team during an away golf tournament. Iím not the most devout of Catholics but the priest who was charged was very charismatic and I admired the easy way he teaches theology remarking that the Bible isnít a history book but rather a tool to teach. What Iím getting at is this particular priest was the ďcool priestĒ kind of like Dean Martin demeanor and very easily seduced young, vulnerable boys, a real predator with a white collar.

I have a hunch that this will be one of many investigations Matty boy has to look forward to. Hmm? I

wonder why a congressman would vote against anti-sex trafficking legislation. Itís kind of like fisherman voting against laws to prohibit fishing. Republican projection on almost every front is like a natural phenomenon. Itís classic and covers a broad variety of subjects. Itís to the point that republicans are guilty of everything they accuse Dems of. So out there some where is a pizza joint where that Rs are running a child sex trafficking ring. And just imagine the scale of election fraud that Rs committed based upon how vociferous they claimed the Democrats stole of last election. Why Dems never put a private detective on Matty is beyond me. Just like big money R donor had a tail on Spitzer so should we resort to these tactics and take out the Mercers, Tucker, Murdochs, Bobo, Jordan, Meadows, Cruz, Lindsey etc. etc. Iím sure it wonít take that long to get the goods on these creeps.
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