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Gender: Male
Hometown: New Jersey
Home country: USA
Member since: Tue Jul 25, 2017, 11:03 AM
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Maybe he should watch a Tik-Tok on what is Congress? They really are that stupid.

For the record, Congress has two parts, the Senate and the House of Representatives. Congress meets in the U.S. Capitol building in Washington, DC. just in case Kevin asks.

Talk about the end of Democracy starting slowly and dying rapidly, the USSC lost all legitimacy over

the span of several weeks handing down one outrageous opinion after another. While many lower federal courts held and protected the Constitution from Trump, radical state legislatures, and RWNJs, SCOTUS crumbled like a cheap suit and lost all sense of dignity and legitimacy.

SCOTUS made carrying guns a whole lot easier. NJ used to issue about 2,000 carry permits a year. Now

after USSC ruled states can't make overly restrictive carry laws, tens of thousands of people have applied for a carry permit. If Dems ever get in a position of power they must reform SCOTUS who has tossed this country into chaos with its radical departure from precedent. SCOTUS is the most illegitimate part of our government and we cannot continue to allow these hateful, Christian Nazis to continue to impose their twisted and hateful views on American society.

Accountability and consequences are greatly needed in the House and Senate. Most Americans are

accountable and suffer the consequences of their actions or words. Why should Graham not be held accountable for his harmful and treasonous words. A person in his position of power utters words he knows are not true and undermines the foundation of free and fair elections should be held accountable and suffer the consequences. And, I don't consider voting him out of office as sufficient accountability. Thanks to Murdoch, all notions of decency and good faith have been tossed out the car window. I'm so damn sick of these bastards getting away with intentionally spreading blatant lies to their weak-minded constituents.

Just a bunch of weak minded people who can't think for themselves. My wife is in marketing, and the

golden rule is that repetition sells. The same damn shit drilled in their empty brains day after day degrades the mind's ability to distinguish fact from fantasy. Dems drink blood from trafficked kids to stay young- in what universe do normal, rational people believe such nonsense. It's The Big Lie no different than the likes of Hitler with his dehumanization of Jews-blaming and demonizing them for all societal problems makes it much easier to justify mass deportation and extermination. I have little doubt that today's magats would heed the would be first in line to man the concentration camps. Christian Nationalism and white supremacy has replaced traditional American values of inclusion and equality and SCOTUS is at the forefront of legitimizing this evil movement.

Alito and Thomas are reveling in delight at owning the Libs. This must be especially gratifying for

both monsters. I remember Alito"a wife weeping at the hearing and the msm chastising the big bad democrats. I hope karma is a real thing and one day Alito"s grandkid or other relative suffers miserably because of a medical condition left untreated because of Dobbs. I generally do not wish ill will towards anyone by Alito is a special kind of monster. He has become more radicalized over the years. His speech on religious liberty in Rome made me want to vomit.

Eww. The big turd thrusting his tongue down her throat and grabbing privates and more I think I will

vomit. I hope she kept the clothes, anyone know if she did? Either way, I believe her completely, because we hear TFG admitting that when you are a celebrity "they just let you do it". Castrate the bastard. At deps he will do what comes natural, lie. For 6 years this man has occupied a space in my head and I want him out. My kids laugh at me because I hated Bush so much but who ever thought a creature like TFG existed. I tell my kids I would take Bush for president for life instead of TFG. Bush must thank God every day for Trump who has increased his stature exponentially.

Just a complete an utter outrage Dobbs is and their "race neutral" fiction regarding the 14th amend

is another outrage when viewed in historical context. But here's the problem, to even understand and accept what the conservative's mean by "race neutral" takes a certain level of depravity because it is so contorted deom the historical record just like Dobbs. KJB did a great job explaining why the 14th amend was passed putting in context with historical events at the time it was passed. Compare KJB's plain, sensible, and logical explanation for the passage of the 14th to the conservative "race neutral" interpretation and it simply boggles the mind that they can advance this idea with a straight face.

SCOTUS has gone rogue and if Dems ever have the numbers in the House and Senate then impeachment of all 6 justices is warranted. Let them stand trial in the Senate and try to convince regular Americans that they have obeyed their oaths as impartial interpreters of the Constitution who haven't put politics and religion over the meaning of the Constitution. Now they hide behind legal theories that the vast majority of Americans do not understand. Confront them in open Court under cross-examination to justify their twisted beliefs in view of the historical record and show just how political and corrupt they are.

We have learned that republicans mean what they say. Why would old folks in Fla and elsewhere vote

Republican. If Dems ever win solid majorities in the house and senate and we have a Dem. president, there must be a real effort to push the limits of limiting the 1st. Amend to stop rw media, especially Fox from polluting the minds of so many Americans.

There's absolutely no reason for the vast majority of middle class and working poor Americans to vote republican. Radical change is needed. The vast majority of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck. The American dream is largely over or untrainable for most Americans. Corporate America has their feet on the necks of Americans and wringing every last dollar from them for profits. So much wealth has accumulated in so few hands that life in America is so miserable that the only enjoyment millions of people have is following a traitorous ex-president and his party and they demonize and stoke fear in Democrats and other vulnerable groups just for the fun of it. It's so easy for them to hate LGBQ and minorities just for the fun of it. It's so easy to label Dems as "woke". Republicans are too brainwashed to realize that being "woke" is good for them and America. It's so much easier for them to ridicule and hate than to accept and love.

I recently read an Instagram post from a space account I follow and it said that if you are looking

for heaven it's right here on earth. Basically, of all the trillions of stars and galaxies the chance to find earth and life as we know it is so incredibly small that it can be said that earth is heaven.
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