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Gender: Male
Hometown: New Jersey
Home country: USA
Member since: Tue Jul 25, 2017, 12:03 PM
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They will care when a fascist dictator turns us into another Russia. The first thing they will

take control of is the media. Zuckerberg up Trumpís ass, well does anyone have any doubt that if he could Trump would take Facebook from Zuckerberg. So all these industrialists and Wall Street Tycoons better hope they are on the inside of the next American Dictator is they get their piece of the pie. Just like Putin allowed state owned industry to be distributed to the oligarchs.

As a member of several ultra conservative Catholic organizations Barr views everything from the

perspective of the ends justify the means. If a corrupt, traitorous president is what is needed for the appointment of conservative judges who will enact extremist Christian doctrine then so be it. Barr is no different then extremist Islamists terrorists. His distorted and radical view of Christianity justifies the immorality and corruption of the Trump and its administration.

Republicans are so unprincipled, so immoral that I'm sure Russian was able to compromise them easily

Putin told Trump what he has on Graham. After that Graham fell in-line like a puppy dog. Itís obvious, Graham is being blackmailed, there cannot be any other reason for his abrupt and stunning switch to Trumpís puppy. Just think about what he just did. He started an investigation of Bidenís son which he knows is bullshit. Trump is making him do it. You donít turn on a colleague like that who he has known for 30 some years. Biden is not the kind of man who makes enemies easily. Trumpís hands are all over Grahamís conduct. Putin the puppet master is making a mockery of America. Again a Democratic president is gonna have to clean up the mess Republicans made just like Clinton and Obama and the cycle will begin again. As a Democratic president mends fences with our allies, Republicans will call it an apology tour and with the help of Fox and Russia spew lies and disinformation. The next president must put a real
hurt on Russian and we must figure out how to contain the likes of Fox and Facebook. We need another Roosevelt-part Teddy, part Franklin. I havenít picked a candidate yet but believe Warren must be in the equation. Biden/Warren where Biden serves 1 term and Warren will be responsible for domestic policy, Biden focuses on foreign policy. We must take control of both Houses and the Oval Office and they must hit the ground day one with polices to start rebuilding the nation. A new, New Deal. 2020 we must win and win big. We canít take four more years of Trump. The judiciary will be ruined for a generation. So much at stake in 2020.

Barr is driven by religious fanaticism. He is associates with the Opus Dei order of the Catholic

church. Their beliefs are the promotion off Catholic values over the constitution. They believe liberalism has led to the moral decay of society. They donít believe in the separation of church and state. Church doctrine should replace traditional public education. Abortion, gay marriage, and LGBT is immoral and should be banned. But most of all, they believe the ends justify the means. So when I see Barr covers and lying for Trump like he did in the Mueller report, itís motivated by the belief that he will tolerate all that is evil about Trump so long as Trump advances and/or doesnít stand in the way of the far right agenda. So Barr will lie about the Mueller report because Iím his mind the greater good is advancing the catholic values by appointing rw fanatical judges, scaling back on the rights of LGBT rights, and not imposing restrictions to abortion. They are trying to redefine Americaís position to human rights to advance theological beliefs over the Constitutional guarantees. He wants to tear down the barrier between church and state by funding private catholic schools. This man is evil. A fanatic in the most basic sense who must be stopped.

This what happens when you match a meticulous, brilliant, and prepared attorney against a wall of

ignorant, petty, and unprepared cultist. My brother in law is a great businessman, never went to college but is a smart guy. He has been very successful and so-called good catholic. Yet when I ask him how he squares Trumpís audacious criminality and immorality with his Christian Values he replyís, I like the man. Or Obama this and Hillary that non-sense. He is a cult member programmed by anti-liberal Facebook feeds that have polluted his mind. He is hopeless. Trump could kill somebody on 5th Ave. and it wouldnít change my brothers-in-lawís opinion of him. Itís the conservative weak minded group think. John Dean wrote a book on why conservatives are without conscious. Itís a good read and describes the Republican group think mindset.

Should Dems take control of all three branches and embark on wholesale political, social, and

economic changes, we might emerge a stronger nation. Trump has exposed our weaknesses and where we go from here is up to us. Itís a tall order and letís hope one we can fulfill.

While medical costs are a major cause for filing bankruptcy, the uptick I am seeing is

irresponsible lending the banks. Clients are trying to carry $60-$70k in credit card debit and their incomes simply arenít sufficient to cover the minimum payments. Then they are car repair or unpaid missed week of work from disaster. I will see filing related to medical costs later on due to lay-offs or job loss and people lose their medical coverage. The main reasons for filing I see at the moment are divorce, job lose and over-extended credit. The cost of living in NJ is high and most people live paycheck to paycheck. Even higher income earners over $250 a year are having difficulty. Lastly, the cost of medical insurance is outrageous. Most decent family plans in NJ will cost about $2,300 a month. For people who arenít on employer sponsored plans itís like a mortgage payment. Middle class needs immediate tax relief. I pay $17,000 just in property taxes to the State of NJ but because of Trumpís tax plan can only deduct $10k. Sorry for rambling but the tax system is a sham.

Exile the bastard to his beloved Russia.

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