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Pepsidog's Journal
Pepsidog's Journal
March 26, 2019

Take nothing for granted but this MF'er will lose 2020. Everything he touches turns to shit so no

doubt the economy will stumble and he will be tossed out on his big fat ass. Also I am reserving judgement until we see the Mueller Report. I don't want him impeached but i want to set the record straight for historical purposes. Mueller exonerated him with regards to collusion/conspiracy and would have done so with obstruction if he could. Mueller could not indict thus could not conclude Trump obstructed which would have delegitimized the United States President. Mueller had 2 choices; Exonerate or leave it to congress. The evidence could not exonerate so he left it for Congress, not Barr to follow up.

March 23, 2019

I love you posts H20 but have to disagree with you here. No more indictments means Trump can pardon

his way out of this. State charges, come on really. The Manhattan DA is gonna take down a president. State AG is gonna take down a President. Never ever gonna happen. Republicans and the RW spin machine will have a fun with this. We are all fools put out the doormat over Democrat’s forehead because we will be the laughing stock. I am indeed freaking out and if anyone thinks that Barr will say or do anything to hurt Trump well they need a reality test. America has officially become a banana republic and we are all stooges. The sooner you realize this the better we can move on picking bananas.

March 23, 2019

No. The writing is on the wall. We were had. I now feel bad for Cohen going to jail for lying.

No more indictments is all we need to know. Forget SDNY that’s another media scam to get us to watch. WE are all suckers, dupes, raving lunatics. For 2 years we have read and obsessed over this investigation and it’s a NOTHINGBURGER. Just get accustomed to hearing the word NOTHINGBURGER. WE GOT FUCKED GOOD.

March 23, 2019

Thanks for the attempt to pick us up Shockey80 but Trump will not be

held accountable. The right wing media will spin Mueller’s report so that no Congressional investigations can penetrate. The media got us again. Fool me once, Hillary will be elected, shame on you; Fool me twice, Mueller will hold Trump and company accountable, shame on me. We are going to look like the raving fools that the righties say we are. I am so disgusted I m beside myself. Clinton is impeached and Ken Starr orchestrated it going public at every stage. Fuck Mueller, had he been investigating a Democratic president nothing would be off the table. WE HAVE BEEN HAD!!

March 23, 2019

I hate to say this with all my heart and soul but unless there are some huge revelations in the

report this will be, I bite my tongue as I say it , a nothingburger. I hope and pray I am wrong, but looking at it from Mueller’s perspective there had to be indisputable, beyond reasonable doubt evidence to charge the criminal president. Looks like there is tons of evidence but not enough to take the extraordinary step of indicting a president. We have all been once again conned by the media who has enjoyed incredible rating. Young reporters getting Pulitzer’s for what? Looks like a nothingbuger. Excuse me, I must now take my leave to vomit and choke on my own words. This criminal president is going to get away it’s it all.

March 8, 2019

Piece by piece they are destroying the institutions that make our country

unique. The last vestige of relief for the people is the judiciary which just took a swift kick in the gut. At the time when the rule of law most needed to be buttressed, this ignorant judge undercut the entire legitimacy of the criminal justice system with a sentence that can only been seen as rigged in favor of rich white men. This was an American Travesty.

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