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Gender: Male
Hometown: New Jersey
Home country: USA
Member since: Tue Jul 25, 2017, 12:03 PM
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Philadelphia Eagles fan

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Good question. I don't know but we can start with implementing great policies that benefit the

majority of people so as to silence rw hate media. It took awhile but I don't hear the right screaming about getting rid of the ACA and I am aware of the litigation in SCOTUS. But take away pre-existing conditions and you will see riots. Break up these media conglomerates and put ownership limits in place. Go after advertisers aggressively. Trump has expanded the power of the president to an unimaginable level. So when we win there should be no problem with an extremely progressive agenda. Make DC a State, get rid of the filibuster. Make Warren the Trust busting Czar. Go after big banks, big tech and pack the court's to dilute Trump's appointments. Go after Kavenaugh and have a real investigation into his lies during his confirmation hearing. The little lies told under oath about the Renata Club, what "Boof" meant. Have real witnesses and then impeach the bastard. Any R Senator votes no to removing him, punish that State financially depriving them of Federal funds. I don't know but we must get real creative and use the power of the President to crush them.

A model citizen, man, father, president, neighbor etc. Pure class and grace.

Incredible ads but I am just pissed we Dems can't produce ads this hard hitting and impactful.

And what concerns me more is that Republican leaders have not distanced themselves from Trump. That means they are still confident in his ability to win and they fear separating from him. To all us Dems that should serve as a warning that this race is far from over. We are the underdogs and we must organize a massive ground game for Election Day. And Biden must be rock solid in the debates and hire the best advisors for debate strategy. How about hiring some of those never Trumpers who are experts at messaging and dirty tricks. Our country literally is depending on his winning.

I don't believe he will attend in person. No way he subjects himself to that crowd. It's all a bluff

They will be paying him millions, no doubt his future is limitless, I am so sorry to say. We need to

start to dismantle Fox and the Murdoch family. Next Zuckerberg. Make them the example of what happens to those who pollute our minds. Strip them bare and crush their empires. This must be our prime directive once we win.
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