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Pepsidog's Journal
Pepsidog's Journal
September 26, 2020

Abortion is one thing, it's all the other issues that are frightening like expanded police powers,

degrading individual rights, tort reform, corporations running amok, the environment. If Dems take all 3 branches they must do something with SCOTUS and the Senate. Add seats and states. I am sick and tired of the backward, fanatical religious right dictating how I live. Dems must be bold, they must crush the right and try to deal with the right-wing media monopoly and make Liz Warren the new Trust Buster to go after social media and tech giants. Last, the must reorganize the Federal courts to dilute the damage Tump and NcConnell has done. It's a lot and they may have only 2 years to do it if they take the Senate but do it they must.

September 6, 2020

Ain't that the truth.But most Trumpers think the media is controlled by the left. To which I say,

years ago I had to get a subscription. To Sirius to even listen to lefty talk radio and that was slim pickings. Fox and right wing radio has settled these peoples' minds and ability to think. Many rural areas only have Fox and RW radio so is it surprising that they are brainwashed, what choice do they have? There just isn't any alternative views. MSNBC is a flea compared to Fox and many rural areas don't have any left leaning media outlets. And this is the problem that will continue to polarize the country. All Trumpers spout the same misinformed propaganda about the left. Liberals want to take from the rich and give to the poor. Dems want to give illegal immigrants free everything, education. housing, healthcare etc. Trump is a brilliant businessman who sacrificed to run for president. Trump tells it like it is and sticks it to China etc. He was first leader to meet with Kim Jung Un, like that is a good thing. Trump handled the pandemic brilliantly. Libs want to take your guns away. Just a litany of Fox and RW BS that they think is good for America because that is all they hear. Can we blame these misinformed dupes?

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