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Gender: Male
Hometown: New Jersey
Home country: USA
Member since: Tue Jul 25, 2017, 12:03 PM
Number of posts: 6,190

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Philadelphia Eagles fan

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He is a Phillies fan and was known to go to home games. Would love to see him there now and let him

know what we think of his moronic opinion. Off subject, in the early 80ís I spent a semester at American University and our class ha the opportunity to watch SCOTUS arguments then about 8 of us were invited to meet Justice Blackmun in his chambers. Needless to say he was a class act. He wouldnít discuss Roe but it was quite an experience visiting a member of SCOTUS in their chambers which was spectacular. Also met with Giuliano when he was #2 or #3 man at DOJ. He quoted statistics about the high percentage of crimes are committed relating to drug sale/use. That prompted me to ask the obvious question why donít we legalize and regulate the illegal drug trade to which he had no good response.

A bit off topic but I have become addicted to Turkish historical series. The shows can be found on

You Tube and by googling Turkish shows. The acting is as good, if not better, than American actors. Each episode runs 2-21/2 hours without commercials and one series has about 169 episodes. The historical dramas tell the story of the creation of the Ottoman Empire from a tribe to the end of empire after WWI. I have learned a great deal about entire region the encompassed the Ottoman Empire which is relevant today especially in the Balkans and Middle East. Itís subtitles but easy to follow. As I watched this clip I immediately recognized the actors were speaking Turkish. Anyway, itís great television for those who are interested. The series about Suleiman The Magnificent, Sultan Abdul Hamid II, and Ertrugal were all top notch. Some shows can be found on Netflix. Google watch Turkish Tv series or Kayifamilytv.com and many other sites where you can watch the shows free. Also, I have a much better understanding of the Islamic Faith after watching these shows.
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