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Hometown: New Jersey
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Member since: Tue Jul 25, 2017, 12:03 PM
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Seriously, can you think of a worse person in America to have access to this information. Think of

any Republican in our history and is there a worse one? Benedict Arnold was a fierce General who risked he life in battle before he turned and became a traitor. Trump doesnít have patriotic bone in his body and is full blown sociopathic, malignant narcissist who would sell his family for a buck. A man with not one redeeming quality was put in charge of the most powerful nation and was told he was immune from prosecution. Take the worse Bond Gillian and times him by a million and you have Trump.

I love your thinking here. I hope it is so. I hope it is a long, and devastating list of disclosures

that mortally wound the GOP.

I just can't imagine where we would be if TFG won in 2020 and to now hear that the H may flip after

the Democrats pushed through historic legislation over the past 2 years makes me sick. McCarthy as leader pushing lie after lie and conspiracy theories while further dividing and degrading the our country and itís institutions. I have heard it said that destroying
Democracies start out slowly but end fast. If Rs win the House or Senate after all Democrats and Biden have done the past 2 years then we are definitely seeing the rapid collapse of our once good nation. Not to mention losing after the tsunami of disastrous SCOTUS decisions brought to us by Republican Justices who have violated the most basic of legal principles and their oaths of office.

I would love to know the reason why the Person #1 in the Michael Cohen case has never faced charges.

I mean as all these investigations twist themselves in knots trying to gather evidence of a crime by the Slobfather, a very easy case to prove just sits there. What are his defenses, Cohen forced him to payoff Stormy or Cohen is a tainted witness? I just donít understand why that case just sits there. Does the Statue of Limitations prevent prosecution? That case has it all, politics, sex, and payoffs and they have the documents and the witnesses.
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