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Member since: Thu Jul 27, 2017, 08:52 PM
Number of posts: 2,733

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Creepy 40 something hitting on my teen daughter while we were selling at a local swap meet

The day was great, good crowd, we were unloading treasures we found while cleaning out our garage. Lots of young guys stopping by to chat with my girl, no harm, she is a stand out beauty, they were harmless and kids love to flirt. Then creepy McFuckCreep strolls up, he begins asking about perfume we have, I worked for Estee Lauder for years and had plenty of nice fragrances to sell. I was engaged selling some jeans but I had my eye on him, after my sale was completed I wander to the side of the table where he is engaging in a conversation with my daughter.

He was asking about a particular fragrance, top notes etc. I say "hi, well this one is woody, mildly amber, and the perfect scent for fall." The fucker barely glances at me and says in a condescending tone "I'd rather talk to her." I see then that she has his business card in her hand, black, nice paper, unusual size. I ask for the card from her and say "hi Tyler." He repeats " I'd rather talk to her." I ask my daughter to please go get me a cup of coffee. At that point he is no longer interested in talking fragrance top notes.

So it appears the conversation is over. he starts to walk away from the table saying "you don't have anything that interests me." I reply "yeah, I think I do, but here take your card back, I have your phone number memorized." Then I handed him his card that I had ripped into pieces.

We googled him tonight, he is a 48 year old real estate agent in our town. Seriously, WTF?

Hey Fellow Boomers, I Am 60 And Have Lots Of Regrets, I Will Share Mine, Share Yours

I dropped out of college in 1979 to marry a guy I really didn't even like. God, it sounds so stupid to write that and then to think I did it, but I did, and I regret that. You?

WTF is Dump doing in this photo?

Maybe he is looking for a job at Hot Dog on a Stick

My daughter is in labor, first time Granny here and I am excited and nervous. Baby Came!!

She is across the country and we have been texting. I am on pins and needles, did not sleep well, but so awaiting the news. Come on baby girl, we are all waiting for you.

Gemma was born in St Paul this morning!

OK fellow oldies, someone flirted with me today and damn it was fun

I run an old vintage store and I got talking to a customer, he was my age, you know a 60ish guy, and we were riffing on the music I was playing, it was Traffic. I had the CD Low Spark Of High Heeled Boys on. And shit howdy he was flirting with me. Such fun! Kinda put a kick in my step.

What did you learn to drive in? 66 Plymouth Valiant wagon for me

Ours was white with a red interior, push button sweetness!

In Light Of The Kavanaugh Hearings, Where Wife Looks Unhappy How Many Of You Are Happily Married?

Not too many couples lately.

Derby Pick Time!

My wagering will cover a variety of angles but my 3 horses are:

Bolt d'Oro

I expect Mendy to win but Bolt can kick ass so I am boxing them in wagers. I like Hofburg, as a closer, to pick off tiring horses at the finish. Good luck to anyone who plays!

Horse players unite! Let's talk Derby.

2018 Derby is just around the corner, if you are in the game please share your thoughts.

My 16 year old daughters letter to the Editor got published in our major paper today! No more fear!

No more fear

EDITOR: I am a student at Santa Rosa High School, and after the recent shootings I am not only infuriated but also terrified. Before the shooting, my biggest fears in school were failing a math test or studying for the SAT. From now on, I will be hesitant to leave the classroom in case I need to take cover from a bullet.

When I hear a loud bang, I assume itís a gunshot rather than a student dumping out a recycling bin. I hate living in fear for my life when I step onto campus. I am done worrying if today will be the last day I see my best friend before she is shot. I am done worrying about the 2,000-plus lives of students and faculty on a daily basis and whether they will be here tomorrow.

No child should have to live with these fears. No teacher should have to worry about whether he or she will need to shield students from bullets. And no parent should have to worry whether their child will be home for dinner that night.

This is an unacceptable way to live, and we want change. We want it now.
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