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Member since: Fri Aug 11, 2017, 11:56 AM
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Bush and Cheney go first

From Bertrand Russell:

"I think every big town should contain artificial waterfalls that people could descend in very fragile canoes, and they should contain bathing pools full of mechanical sharks. Any person found advocating a preventive war should be condemned to two hours a day with these ingenious monsters."


I'm afraid this young woman is a perfect illustration of what we're up against

I've spent the greater part of this evening arguing with a Trump cultist on Twitter, and I might as well have been beating my head against the wall for all the good it did. She thinks Trump is a genius, greater than Washington or Lincoln, a truth-teller (albeit "not a priest", and all media are lying to me. She seems a sweet young woman but a prime candidate for Jonestown.

I brought up unpaid contractors, assaulted women, a two-minute youtube video compilation of Trump clips saying he knows more than anyone about--well, everything. I brought up toilet paper on the shoe and saluting a North Korean spymaster. Nothing fazed her. She ended each of her tweets with an icon of hands praying.

Here is her end of the conversation:

Best President ever, love our President, many, many Americans know this and love him as well. You seem very much in the dark. You’ll see the light soon, I have faith enough for both of us!

(I told her to wise up.)

I am wise to our President, he is a genius. You’re in a dark place, not your fault, your news n party are lying to you! I will pray you come to see the light soon!

(Sent USA Today link about hundred of workers claiming Trump stiffed them.)

Seriously USA Today, liberal rag, I do not believe any liberal rags or Chanel’s all lies. Again I’ll keep you in my prayers, it’s not your fault your party has lied n had you believe their falsehoods. You will see soon.

(Really? Greatest President? Greater than Washington? Lincoln?)
(So hundreds of contractors are lying? Two dozen women are lying?)

Or equal to! So yes he’s up there w the greats! I didn’t vote for a priest I voted for a man that would tell the truth, he’s not perfect, but whether you believe me or not, he is the one saving us. Again you will soon see.

(Please get help. Genius? Toilet paper on the shoe? Saluting the enemy?)

Yes he is a genius. He’s not the bad guy, again you will find out soon. Who the deceivers n killers really are.

I will pray for you. You will see soon.

So that was the exchange. What can one do, in the face of such momumental denial? Nothing Mueller finds is going to make a difference with someone like her. Putin could FedEx her the pee tape and it wouldn't make a difference. Sigh.

Trump at 38/60 approval/disapproval from Gallup Weekly

Last week was at 43/53.

Disapproval rose 7 points in a week--his largest setback ever.

What's interesting is, the last three times he hit 60% negative in the weekly poll, his approval rate was 35% each time. That it's at 38 percent this time may indicate his supporters are hardening, facts be damned!

The monkey business behind the "Monkey Business"

Seems the whole thing was a setup by Atwater. From the story link below:

“I thought there was something fishy about the whole thing from the very beginning,” Strother recalled. “Lee told me that he had set up the whole Monkey Business deal. ‘I did it!’ he told me. ‘I fixed Hart.’ After he called me that time, I thought, My God! It’s true!”

. . . .

Strother talked with Hart this spring; Broadhurst had died about a year earlier. In retrospect, Hart asked, what did Strother make of the whole imbroglio?

“Ray said, ‘Why do you ask?’ ” Hart told me, when I called to talk with him about the episode. “And I said there are a whole list of ‘coincidences’ that had been on my mind for 30 years, and that could lead a reasonable person to think none of it happened by accident.

“Ray replied, ‘It’s because you were set up. I know you were set up.’

“I asked him how he could be so certain,” Hart told me. Strother then recounted his long-ago talk with Atwater, and Atwater’s claim that the whole Monkey Business weekend had occurred at his direction. According to Hart, that plan would have involved: contriving an invitation from Broadhurst for Hart to come on a boat ride, when Hart intended to be working on a speech. Ensuring that young women would be invited aboard. Arranging for the Broadhurst boat Hart thought he would be boarding, with some unmemorable name, to be unavailable—so that the group would have to switch to another boat, Monkey Business. Persuading Broadhurst to “forget” to check in with customs clearance at Bimini before closing time, so that the boat “unexpectedly” had to stay overnight there. And, according to Hart, organizing an opportunistic photo-grab.

“There were a lot of people on the dock, people getting off their boats and wandering up and down on the wharf,” Hart told me. “While I was waiting for Broadhurst and whatever he was working out with the customs people, I sat on this little piling on the pier.” Hart said that Donna Rice’s friend and companion on the boat, Lynn Armandt, was standing a short distance away. “Miss Armandt made a gesture to Miss Rice, and she immediately came over and sat on my lap. Miss Armandt took the picture. The whole thing took less than five seconds, with lots of other people around. It was clearly staged, but it was used after the fact to prove that some intimacy existed.”


Susan "Muddle-Headed" Collins

is my new nickname for the senator from Maine.

I hope she surprises me--but I doubt she will. And why the hell does it have to come down to ol' Muddle Head? What the hell's wrong with Corker, Sass, Ernst, & the others 40-odd Repug's? Anyone can plainly see they're confirming a liar and a political hack, and a guy with all sorts of--let's call 'em improprieties--in his background. Yet they all fall in line.

Since the FBI won't do its job, what we need is a mass press conf. w/ all accusers & corroborators

at the mike, presenting their testimony & evidence. Is there time to organize this?

Trump: "I understand college very well."

"I understand being number one in your class and I understand a lot of things."

--said the former valedictorian/summa cum laude in defense of Kavanaugh today

Time for another pretty speech on the Senate floor by Flake . . .

. . . before he votes to pass Kavanaugh's nomination out of committee.

What the heck is going on with Iowa?

First a young woman jogging is killed by a knife attacker.

Now a young woman golfing is killed by a knife attacker.

Extremely sad stories, both.

Typical trump

Blaming the FBI for "not wanting" to open an investigation into Kavanaugh. HE would direct them to, only the FBI doesn't want to. What a weenie.
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