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Member since: Sat Aug 19, 2017, 04:03 AM
Number of posts: 2,187

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Rachel Maddow is totally gonna vote for Klobuchar in 2020

Rachel had Amy on tonight; she has previously had on Kamala and Elizabeth in the past few weeks. All were good interviews, of course, but while watching I sure got the perception that she likes Amy the best. Dont get me wrong, Rachel was not fawning over her or anything, but to me it was plainly obvious that she admires and respects Amy, the most. Anybody else notice this? Just wondering.

Thank you for my heart- you made my night !

This heart thing on DU is just so nice ! I hope they do it every year !! Thank you to my giver - you made me smile!

Chuck Lorre Productions, #612 quote

"God told me He hasn't spoken to Sarah Sanders since she was fourteen years old and praying for her skin to clear up. I have no reason to doubt Him."

There is a quote that Lorre ends every episode of his shows with and I happened to catch the one this week after Young Sheldon and thought it was funny.

Shut down the airports to open up the Gov't

As great as it has been for TSA workers to show up to work unpaid, if there was a day or two of grounded flights, the gov't would re-open in short order because the orders of magnitude of peoples' level of anger. I just heard on the news a Fed employee has to sell her car to pay her mortgage - now THAT'S sad, Spanky - so let people get back to friggin work !

Can Congress override Spanky's Veto?

The Govt needs to re-ooen. People will start dying soon. Look at the destruction done to the magnificent Joshua Tree National Park ! This NEEDS to end. The suffering and stress of the employees. This is just awful for them.
Please get them.back to work!

Until then, for any and all millionaires out there, how's about ya throw $10k to your local food bank? The rest of us will do what we can.

David Paulides Missing 411 Series - Wow !!

My view of the reality of this life changed after reading these books. Paulides was a 20 yr police detective and only gives the facts in these missing person cases. If you haven't read or heard of Missing 411 series, the criteria for him to include a missing person case are: there are no mental health issues involved, no suicides or wanting to disappear, no domestic violence or animal predation is suspected. He only wants to include mysterious disappearances, ie. Search and Rescue people find no trace of the person after lots of searching, tracking dogs pick up no scent or lie down and refuse to track, and alot of times bad weather moves in shortly after the disappearance (obscuring tracks or evidence). I've read 6 of his books and am a changed person after reading them. We are not the apex predator we think we are.

Have any of you noticed this ?

That whenever Spanky is speaking w/ McCarthy standing behind him (featured in many sound bites), and Spanky tells a lie, that McCarthy closes his eyes for around 2 full seconds? It's like he's saying "oh you craptard, not again". I've noticed this after 3 outrageous lies. McCarthy 's eyes are like a lie detector for me.
Posted by donkeypoofed | Tue Jan 8, 2019, 06:18 PM (6 replies)

Take heart from this, RBG fans

Her sustaining the broken ribs and the finding of the cancerous nodules subsequent to that means the injury was just a way of something (the luv and good will of most of the country?) that used it as a way.of warning Ruth that cancer was starting. I truly believe some force was looking out for RBG and that this was caught in more than enough time - with a little help from the Universe. Her fitness level will be her ally here, as well as positive healing thoughts from us. Even the Universe knows we need RBG!!

I'm just not feelin' Christmas this year. What about you?

I decorated a little bit, but I will not be putting the outside lights up or the candy cane lights on the walkway and I dont feel like putting up a tree. I'm also not listening to any Christmas music either. I am not depressed or anything; I just can't seem to get in the spirit.
I'm watching a lot of the Hallmark movies but even then, I still can't find my Christmas spirit. I used to love Christmas.

Is this happening to anybody else?

He called her "Horse-face?! Really? "

When will the assholes surrounding this President decide to actually HELP him?! The man is mentally ill and is incapable of helping himself. I am not saying this to be sarcastic or mean; I'm in earnest. It's as obvious as his orange skin hue. The man needs help immediately. How can they all sit back and let this happen?! Everyone around him knows he's lost more than a few steps, so why will no one intervene? If only somebody could do something to get Spanky out of office and into the mental health treatment he needs so badly. That rambling 1hr & 20min press conference, which was about forever ago, should have been the starting gun on the process. Somebody, anybody, get him some help!

I know Stormy won't take offence. She's a strong, smart, beautiful woman. Her choices are hers and I don't look down on her for anything. She does it well and gives it her all, and we should all do that on our jobs. This childish slur against her is beyond the pale and cannot go unanswered.

I hope Avenatti or Stormy herself hits him back on this.
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