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MaryMagdaline's Journal
MaryMagdaline's Journal
February 28, 2018

Joaquin Castro has a good speaking voice and fluid speech

He is coming into his own

February 16, 2018

If Melania divorces Trump she will be entitled to full disclosure of all finances

Even if there is a so-called airtight pre-nup, the pre-nup is only valid if there was full financial disclosure at the outset. Her lawyers would be able to test that disclosure through discovery.

Explains why Trump is paying so much money out to girlfriends. He is terrified of financial disclosures.

Although I enjoy seeing him squirm, we have a practical reason to push for exposure of marital infidelity. Please no more "it's not our business." This man is destroying people's lives. Any weapon at hand will do.

February 14, 2018

The Porter thing**secret meeting with the press

This whole secret meeting with the press thing really stinks to high heaven. A couple of points, some related, some not:
1. The secret meeting could not have happened without Hope Hicks allowing it to happen
2. Hope Hicks OR Trump pushed Huckaby Sanders to hold the meeting
3. Porter lied to the press and probably told the FBI the same lie (fighting over a vase)(WHY IS THAT OK, ANYWAY?)(How upset can one get about a vase?
4. Porter called his ex-wife a "fucking bitch" IN FRONT OF FOUR REPORTERS.
5. Porter cannot contain himself around 4 reporters ... the meeting was set up so that he could clear the air?
6. If Porter lacks self-control in public meetings with reporters, and cannot stop himself from beating up his wives/girlfriends, no one at the White House should have permitted him to work there.
7. The reporters who agreed to the off-the-record meeting should be ashamed. They have to go into that meeting knowing that there is a POSSIBILITY that Porter will confirm his unsuitability for the job .... what exactly were they going to do with the information if he failed the test of credibility? and he absolutely did! That's not the same as someone going off record to bring information to the press to help further an investigation ... going off record to BURY an investigation, for other than national security reasons (leaking plans for DDay, etc.) is unprofessional and unethical
8. Hope Hicks has opened herself up for a lawsuit for sexual harassment. She outranks Porter and is having an affair. The affair is probably what caused her to jeopardize his career ... the man could have been told months ago to get a position outside the White House so that no one would find out about is background report ... the stupid off-the-record meeting with the press jeopardized his career in the federal government
9. At a MINIMUM, Hope Hicks has to resign. She is a target for sexual harassment lawsuits and a liability to the American government.

February 10, 2018

Why are the people in the White House so sure

Porter would not hit the President, Kelly or co-worker?

The statements "he was so good at his job" really make an assumption that he would not lose control, hit the President, hit the Chinese ambassador or otherwise go bezerk. Yet ... the FBI does not give clearance to wife beaters. The FBI is a bastion if male dominance so I believe their red flags for wife abuse are based in some science ... wife beating may lead to violence in workplace or in society.

Setting aside morality, which everyone who had prior knowledge of porter's wife beating has done, how are porter's defenders SO CERTAIN he posed no threat? Either in their experience, wife beaters have a specific rage towards women and not other humans ... or ... the or fails me. You have to see women as not human or not equal humans to let any of his behavior slide. You must say "Yea, it's only women he hits or just women he sleeps with."

I am continually amazed about what I don't know about women haters.

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