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Member since: Tue Oct 10, 2017, 10:15 AM
Number of posts: 479

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First thing to do to fight the opioid crisis is to expose all the Congress who voted to DEREGULATE

big pharma and the sale of opioids. 45 is rescinding everything that Obama ever signed by Executive order (because he could not get Congress to legislate) that was designed to help people. DEREGULATION is something that Democrats will not deal with. It is never explained how many regulations are designed to HELP PEOPLE. But the GOP does a hell of a job explaining to their base how regulations hurt big and small businesses and tie it to loss of jobs. How about tying DEREGULATION to loss of health and life and personal disposable income. Deregulation of banks makes it much easier for banks to steal you money through high fees and charges etc. That seems pretty simple to me. We never have a simple informative message OR THE MEDIA NEVER PROMOTES OUR MESSAGES AS THEY DO THE MESSAGES OF THE GOP.

The CNN apple ad is a great model for DEM ads to explain deregulation, opioid epidemic, etc.

Where was everyone when heroine, crack, cocaine were ravaging inner cities across America?

Addiction then was the result of low-life, lazy inner city families who were criminalized, abused, arrested, and killed. labeled welfare queens and cheats, and scoffed at by the three-piece business suits with white faces who perused the alleys and streets of black neighborhoods making stealth nickel, dime, and crack transactions.

Cries for addressing the drug epidemic in those places were met with scorn, broken promises, and secret plans for displacement and gentrification, no pity there, no heartfelt empathy. Oh, but the infrastructure of prisons made for many, many jobs in those states that are now being ravaged by opioids now.

Oh, what a tangled web we weave.

in the 80's when they closed tax loopholes, didn't they eliminate credit card interest write-offs?

i remember sales taxes and interest charges being a big part of my getting tax refunds.

Sounds to me as though Corker did ask to be SOS and was turned down. But hey, that on the GOP.

He never answered to the question as tho whether or not he asked to be SOS. He never answered

Since he still votes for whatever 45 wants, screw him!! i hope they tear each other apart.

There is another type of sexual harassment or abuse that seldom gets the light of day

It's the type when some women make their way to the top by consensual relationships with the boss over the justified promotions and advancements for women who don't or who say "no." That type of abuse or harassment is just as painful and sometimes more significant, especially for women who are single mothers trying to support a family on their own. They often struggle in the workplace which become hostile if they complain.

They dare not complain, and often the women who consent to relationships with their superiors condescend to those women who may not have the looks or body that attracts the superiors but who very often have the experience and intelligence to rightfully move up the ladder. i don't know what the official name is for this except maybe "favoritism" but I know of one case brought in a Federal agency against the manager and the involved party. I don't know the terms of the settlement but the woman who filed the suit left the agency within six months of filing the suit.

If Trump keeps on with his personal and unsubstantiated attacks against the Clintons,

he will force someone to release the "pee" tapes. Count on it.

If they can keep US out of the way, they just might succeed in becoming an alliance.



Get a load of this. I guess in a few days we will know whether or not this is true?

Unverified but seems to indicate that soldiers orders in Niger were suddenly changed to capture or kill a specific target.

Among other questions, are we now engaged in assassinations all over the world?


Nunes may not want the information he is asking for. This will be his Trojan horse, I believe.

That CNN "apple ad" needs to be spread all over the Internet. Why?

Because most Trumpsters won't get it and will ask what it means. They will either have to watch CNN for a few minutes or they will have to ask someone...hopefully someone with some sense. That's when you can tell them what it means and rock their boats.

No matter what, they will have to think about it...or at least a few of them will. Every person is important in this resistance.
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