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Member since: Tue Oct 10, 2017, 10:15 AM
Number of posts: 479

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45 in response to question if he authorized Niger action: "No, I turned that authority over to my

generals. You know, the ones i know more than. Now I am not going to blame myself, that for sure!"

Why should we believe ANYTHING this WH says about Niger and what happened when their COS and

former 4-star General lie boldly to us, not once but three times and the WH Press Secretary doubles down on the lies and dares anyone to question a General.

We are in some dangerous times. STAY WOKE!!

So, we are now officially a military junta government where the Generals have the say about who

they should be able to name as enemies and who they can kill? Lindsay Graham's statement was chilling.

A lot of people have shown who they really are as a result of the Niger incident and the Johnson

phone call from 45 and the dust up afterwards.

The enlightenment was not pretty for some in the media, Gen. Kelly, my FB friends, some DUers, Congressmen and women, pundits, some Twitter followers and some of those I follow.

I now feel like a great disinfectant has washed through my cyber and cable life. It's good to clean up.

How about your?

A post from a dear friend on FB says it all for me:

"We're not just upset that Trump won. We're completely devastated that we live amongst people who would vote for a man like Trump"

Yep. That is my sentiment, exactly.

CHAD: A travel ban based on paperwork and not on terrorist behavior?

In the meantime, the budget passed the Senate and so did drilling in the Arctic.

LARRY IS ON FIRE TONIGHT!! And he speaks for me!

Congresswoman Wilson was very close to Sgt. Johnson's family. In fact Sgt. Johnson graduated from

her mentoring program. She was with the family when the call came in over the speakerphone. Wilson was there at the request of the grieving widow who, obviously is very close to the family.

Kelly just distinguished himself as an enabler and not a monitor of 45. (Sorry for the loss of his son which had to be devastating for him.) Still, Kelly actions speak for his own spirit and heart which seems to be totally in line with that of 45.

We actually had a better explanation of what happened in Benghazi within 48 hours than we do about this sorrowful event.

If anyone had any hopes of Kelly being a moderating, intelligent force in the WH...FORGET IT!

Kelly just smeared Congresswoman Wilson for her telling the truth about 45's phone call to Sgt. Johnson's widow. Looks like Kelly may have suggested what 45 said to Ms. Johnson. Was not the call from 45 on speakerphone? Everyone present was listening in.

"When they tell you who they are, believe them the first time." Sorry about Kelly losing his son, that is tough for all parents. Still, Kelly is an enabling prick to 45.

I don't think the Congresswoman "listened in" on the call from 45. Wasn't the call on speaker phone?

Kelly is every bit the bastard I thought he was originally.
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