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Collimator's Journal
Collimator's Journal
April 24, 2022

Question: What do you call. . .

. . . A book group that has been stuck on the same book for thousands of years?

Answer: Church!

April 20, 2022

Melissa Lucio Is Scheduled To Die In Seven Days

She will be executed by the state of Texas for something that she not only did not do, but for something that Did Not Happen. There was no murder of an innocent child. There was an accident and medical complications.

The Innocence Project is trying to stop this pointless, state-sanctioned murder. But we are dealing with Governor Abbott. It almost seems like they are determined to kill someone that they know does not deserve to die.

I am not a religious person. However, I know that there are many of sincere faith who hold a liberal perspective on the teachings in the Bible. Could those of you of such persuasion reach out to Abbott's office and argue a Christian perspective for setting aside this judgment against Ms. Lucio? I would consider calling the Governor's Office myself, but I don't live in Texas and I do not know if it would make any difference all all.

Thank you.

April 20, 2022

40% of Black Atheists hide their beliefs. . .

. . . from their families.

My apologies if this is a duplicate in any way.

This article was posted on the recently created site, OnlySky Media Worth checking out.
April 16, 2022

Celebrate Easter

[Spoiler Alert]

Watch Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice this night to observe Good Friday.

Superman dies.

Watch Justice League (Whedon or Synder version, viewer's choice) this Sunday for Easter.

Superman is brought back to life.

What better way to acknowledge a tale of death and resurrection? It's not like they're gonna bring Iron Man back.

March 21, 2022

Last week, I held and cried with. . .

. . . a man who had just lost his husband.

We aren't exactly close, the two of us, and he's a pretty self-contained person and I am not a hugger. But the pain in this quiet man's face was palpable.

I'm a straight, White lady of a certain age and when it comes to my personal life and inclinations, I am very much a lower-case "c" conservative. But it utterly stuns me that anyone can stand outside such heartache and deny the legitimacy and profundity of another person's love and loss.

Opening up one's heart to another is a a frightening challenge in this world today. I applaud anyone with the courage and optimism to look for connection and the patience and tolerance to make a commitment to another human being.

Love is love, indeed.

March 9, 2022

Some things we encounter lift us up.

Other things make us want to take a shower, or empty our stomachs or shake our fists.

I just wanted to do the first, and share a sort of "oldie but goodie" that many will recognize.

It is also worth mentioning here that when not hampered by hooped skirts and social mores, women, too, will take up the fight for their country. We're seeing that happen now, and those efforts also lift us up.

Slava Ukraini
March 4, 2022

Saw on Seth Meyers' show. . .

. . . That some talking head at Fox criticized Biden (shocker, I know) for NOT singing "Happy Birthday" to the boy whom he called out to during his State of the Union address. The President mentioned that the young fellow's birthday had just passed and even said the words, "Happy Birthday" to the kid. Apparently, that just wasn't enough and it would have been more "human" if Biden had sung.

Major eye roll moment here, folks. Can you imagine what those selfsame Fox News pundits would have said if Biden had sung "Happy Birthday" in the middle of The SOTU? They would have called him a doddering old fool; there's no doubt in my mind.

Criticizing our elected officials is more than a right, it is a civic duty, particularly for the press. Nobody serving the people should get a free pass and even Democrats have to guard against becoming a bunch of "Yes Men". But the utter crap that Fox News puts out as they spin threads of nothing but hot air into clouds of dust is mind-boggling.

February 10, 2022

Threat Against Lawmakers Surge.

From The New York Times via Yahoo News:

One Menacing Call After Another.

It may not be a new problem, but we know who has exacerbated it.

"Threats against members of Congress jumped more than fourfold after Trump took office. In 2016, the Capitol Police investigated 902 threats; the following year, that number reached 3,939.

The threats range from phone calls with gruesome, specific descriptions of violence that have led to jail time for the callers to broad threats posted on social media for which juries have, on occasion, acquitted those charged."

This point is both infuriating and chilling:

"In several cases, defense lawyers have taken to arguing that their client should not be punished for comments that were consistent with what elected officials and political pundits have said. Several rioters who stormed the Capitol on Jan. 6 have employed similar 'Trump made me do it' defenses."

Threats of physical violence against other people are wrong, of course. But in a system that permits free speech, the right to protest and the opportunity to vote, the people making these threats demonstrate their lack of commitment to our democracy. If things don't break your way politically, work harder and smarter for the next round, like Stacey Abrams. Pouting, blustering, threatening and assaulting people who oppose you is the Trump method.

December 8, 2021

Sarah Ferguson . . .

Says that she was the "most persecuted woman ever in the Royal Family".

Anne Boleyn can't even shake her head over that statement.

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