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grumpyduck's Journal
grumpyduck's Journal
April 24, 2021

My avatar vanished.

My avatar up and vanished one day. I've tried getting a new one several times but nothing happened. Even a call to the moderators didn't get a response. Any ideas?

April 16, 2021

Something I don't understand about multiple-gun owners

I'm not a gun person. I was in the Army and shot several weapons and got my marksmanship badge and all, but otherwise I have no interest in them. Which brings up a question.

I have an old-time friend who's been into guns and target-shooting (and hunting, many years ago) for well over forty years. Now he has a collection of rifles and handguns stored in a safe. Let's just say he is with the camp that believes Uncle Sam may come over someday to take his weapons and wants to be ready to defend himself. Thus the weapons and lots of ammo.

But he lives in a free-standing, two-story house with windows on three sides. Even if his wife were to get in on the action, which is doubtful, they could only defend one or two positions at a time. So what, I've asked myself several times, is he thinking? I avoid talking with him about politics to avoid a shouting match, but one of these days I would really like to figure out how that computes.

April 7, 2021

Are people getting more oblivious nowadays?

I see it all the time: people at the supermarket blocking an aisle totally unaware that there's someone behind them, or pulling out of a parking slot (or crossing the street) without looking, or something similar. It seems to be getting more common.

Do any of you notice this?

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