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Member since: Sat Dec 16, 2017, 01:51 PM
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Conspiracy (tinfoil hat) time re: this Santos guy.

We're finding out that most of what he's said is lies, and then we find out that he got money from the cousin of a Russian oligarch. On top of which, the repukes have been curiously silent about him. Except for Margie, who was all for him.

Kinda makes you wonder... is it time for a tinfoil hat? Or is he just a first-class dumbass?

OTOH, I would think that the Russians would be a bit more careful about their sleeper agents.

I had a d-uhh moment this morning re: the tax refund cards.

Sorry if this has been posted before...

Probably like a lot of us, I've wondered why the state of CA is sending out tax refund cards instead of depositing the money directly or sending check. Like, is the card cheaper once you consider what the bank may be charging?

Then it hit me: is the card (the bank) just keeping track of what we spend money on, so the bank can sell the info for marketing purposes?

Remedial help with a toaster oven please.

We have an Oster toaster oven from when we cleaned out a deceased friend's house a few years ago. It was brand-new, still in the box. Yesterday I decided to give it a try toasting some Thomas' Toaster Cakes, so I read the instructions such as they were.

They told me what buttons to push to toast something, but there was nothing on whether the thing turns itself off, like a microwave, after a given amount of time, or if you have to stop it manually. All I could do was check it now and then and stop it when I thought the things were done (and before burning down the house).

Can anyone here give me some remedial help?

These gol-danged modern contraptions, geez!

Saw a Santa cartoon the other day.

Santa is going over his list. A reindeer is standing behind him saying stuff like, "Oh, Santa, you're so good at making that list," "Santa, you're such a good sleigh driver," "I love being on your team." Stuff like that.

The caption at the bottom says "Randolph the brown-nosed reindeer."

Is NASA considering cancelling contracts with SpaceX?

Purely speculation, of course, but wondering if they might be thinking about cutting ties for visibility or other reasons.

BTW, the alliteration in the subject line was totally accidental.

Where's that individual who was hacking

into RWNJ sites some months ago?

I can think of fun things to do to tfg's latest scam.

Thoughts about Venmo?

Is it safe?

Question about sick pay for railroad workers

I'm sure I can find the answer to this online, but it would probably take hours. From what I've read, the issue is that railroads don't want to give workers sick leave: they want them to take it out of PTO.

A friend of mine worked for years at a huge medical conglomerate, and all staff had vacation, sick time, and holidays all in a PTO "envelope." The company figured out how much vacation time etc. each employee rated and added it all up, and gave them that much PTO. It worked fine because everyone was aware of the system. And, for the company's accounting systems, it was probably easier.

So, with the railroad workers, is it that they just don't get enough paid time off to cover everything, or that they may think PTO is all vacation time? It seems, from the MSM, that the battle is specifically about "sick time," when just increasing the amount of PTO might take care of the problem. Or do the railroad oligarchs just don't want to think about it that way?
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