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Member since: Sat Dec 16, 2017, 01:51 PM
Number of posts: 5,291

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All these GOP efforts to remove safeguards to voter fraud.

Hasn't it occurred to these geniuses that the Democrats could then use voter fraud to get their candidates elected?

Or is it a preamble to crying foul when a Democrat wins?

Did anyone else do this as a kid?

As a kid, like back in the late 50s early 60s...

My next door neighbor and I used to watch movies on weekends, like war stories, cowboys and Indians, cops and robbers, medieval stuff, and then go outside and act them out. We had a lot of suitable toys, but it was mostly about re-creating and re-imagining the stories.

Sometimes, when we didn't have a specific prop, like a ray gun, we would use sticks we found.

It was a lot of fun.

Is that fucker at Faux using the Jan 6 bullshit

to distract viewers from the lawsuit?

I dunno... the timing and the approach seem a little too convenient. Which may mean that McCarthy may be in on it.

Sometimes things get just a little too predictable.

My Sunday morning treat.

I just trashed all posts that include the name of the former guy. Now I don't even have to scroll past them.

About that proposed blogger law in FL

that would require anyone blogging about those pricks in power to register with the state... easy solution in four steps:

1. Get with a blogger outside FL.

2. Send them the post and have them publish it under a fictitious "guest blogger" name.

3. Add a disclaimer, something like "The opinions in this post don't necessarily reflect those of the host of this blog. We are publishing it as a public service to a blogger in Florida who can't do it from there because those pricks in power don't believe in free speech."

4. Tell those pricks in power to go line up and fuck themselves on a door knob.

Easy peasy.

And maybe go beyond that and have a bunch of bloggers outside FL publish scathing posts under a "guest blogger" name with the same disclaimer. Probably drive those assholes crazy.

C'mon, folks, these individuals are never HUMILIATED.

I'm so tired of seeing these posts saying so-and-so was HUMILIATED, I don't even read them anymore. It's baloney, or maybe clickbait.

They can't be humiliated because they have no sense of shame. If something doesn't work, they just try something else. They've got to be the lowest form of life ever allowed on this planet.

Question for astronomy buffs,

I tried looking for an answer to this online a week or two ago, but didn't get much of anywhere.

We hear about clouds of space dust being out there. But where does the dust come from? AFAIK, dust is minute particles of something, but that "something" had to be solid and come from somewhere.

Can you enlighten me?

Colbert hits it on the head.

From Huffpost:


He said that Fox has found something else to PRETEND to be pissed off about: woke Legos. PRETEND. I loved it. It's about time viewers hear this, and hopefully they'll start talking about it.

Florida seems to be regressing

to the Middle Ages under that fucking piece of shit asshole.

And we still have free speech in CA, so fuck you, guv'nor.

Is Fucker C running out of material?

I flat-out refuse's to listen to that fucking asshole, but, from bits and pieces here and there, I'm getting the impression that he seems to be dialing back his bullshit about the Democrats and instead picking on people like Chelsea Handler.

Is my impression correct? If so, I have to wonder if it's because Fox thinks he's starting to alienate his own viewers.
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