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Member since: Sat Dec 23, 2017, 08:15 PM
Number of posts: 11,853

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Let tfg and the KGOP accusations, and distractions begin,

Just by doing this , accusing Democrats of their crimes, and making outlandish statements and claims , exposes a clear pattern how they dilute the truth from being as effective , which is their goal. Anything will be used to distract, gun policy changes, abortion policy changes, and ridiculous claims tfg and his minions will use to distract with, but the media helps them do this by giving it air time.

TFG will do or say anything to distract, and water down the truth. That's his pattern, and attack those exposing the truth by claiming they're corrupt, and the Jan 6th committee is operating corruptly, while he's trying to corrupt anything he can. This should also be an interesting week because tfg doesn't have a spy telling him what they have on him, and who is talking. Media needs to stop promoting his and the KGOP's propaganda they know are lies, and promote the truth , and the truth tellers.

Will Navarro flip on tfg?

Right now he has no clue how much troubles he's in, and how much they have on him, and when reality sets in, and he realizes tfg is turning his back on him, and what they have on him ,I believe he'll sing like a canary. Of course tfg will, or has, promised him stuff , which he'll never fulfill to him. Then he'll turn on him making him look like the fool . Just like he's done to others. Gulliani next to get indicted, arrested and charged? Navarro is screwed , and unless he's really mentally ill, he's headed to prison. I do think he'll flip.

If tfg can ban Muslims from entering our country lying claiming national security reasons,

Why can't President Biden ban assault weapons using his position, and powers using the same reason? Is he scared it would hurt the Mid Terms results?

With the polls showing a 90% approval of gun policy changes,

Democrats should not give anything up in negotiations with the Republicans, and get more support in the mid terms getting more Democrats elected. The American people want change , and will vote republicans out to get it. We don't want more watered down bills doing little to nothing. If Dems settle for less they'll lose votes in Nov. . They need better messaging.
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