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Member since: Sat Dec 23, 2017, 08:15 PM
Number of posts: 11,019

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Republicans have two choices now,

Side with corrupt lying anti-democracy extremist groups that are trying to take away your voting rights so they can decide their own elections , and are against the rule of law and promote violence and propaganda, or side with people who put America first over party, who put truth first, believe in the rule of law and our Democracy, who won't be corrupted , at least to the level these others will, and believe in our justice system.
I would think eventually the 2nd ones will win out over many of those compromised and lying openly for someone so corrupt to be the only one who decides over everything. Do his supporters understand he wants to take their ability to vote away from them now, and will. He'll have his system of justice, only who he wants to win elections, and destroy our Democracy.

Let's be clear what he's trying to do to our election process,

He not only is trying to corrupt the legal process to win his election, if this is allowed he'll corrupt all republican.s getting elected. Just like putins done in Russia, where only the most corrupt are allowed to win. Then as he promoted more corrupt actions, those refusing to go along are replaced with more corrupt people. He wants absolute power to control elections, and force out those who are against corruption at his level, and if given the chance he'll escalate calling for more violence.

President Biden's ending the 20 year Afghan war now, why not the longer one that's failed?

The war on drugs. The private prison system, start the release of non-violent people for minor drug offences, stopping the waste of so much money and courtroom resources. Stop the harm its unfairly doing to people, especially people of color. Stop the ruining of people's lives here in this country, and adopt an approach to this as a health problem with addiction, and clean up the illegal street drugs , and criminals pushing street drugs. In turn they could generate a lot of revenue from it to use towards treatment, and education, which has shown to work much better, and be cost effective.
After watching a TED Talk from Johann Hari speak on this issue its time to change what is going on now. The older people in our government need to be educated with the facts, and stop this war too. The savings are too great not to.

If I were in their shoes, Matt Gaetz and Rudy Guiliani,

I would work with the FBI, not tell the lawyers installed by the former guy anything because they don't work for them and could be compromised , and used to protect the former guy by getting everything on them, and what they have on the former guy. I would talk, while I could before the threats start up.

Who stopped the Rudy investigation, Barr, or the former guy?

Why? Does Rudy have a lots of incriminating tapes on others? I think he will have, like Cohen made for insurance. Rudy will talk.

Reporters need to ask the former guy ASAP,

Did you have anything to do with the Rudy investigation getting stopped by Bill Barr. He has to lie or admit the truth.

What will the former guy do now?

He may accuse President Biden is corruptly abusing his power (which is what he and Barr did obstructing the Rudy investigation) , then call for with his minions his impeachment. He usually accuses others of his crimes.

We'll know very soon the other guy is scared of Rudy,

He'll start projecting , and have others projecting Rudy can't be trusted, and is a drunk, and how he was fired because he's crazy, and start bad accusations against him, which is all lies. He'll start a distancing campaign, and projection he worked on his own, and not for him. That'll expose his pattern of doing this to others, and a tell the former guy is guilty, and he's lying.

Will Rudy flip on the former guy and Barr and others?

Should Rudy be scared now because he knows too much, and they know he may flip on them to save himself? Will he be indicted very soon? I think those he has information on should be very scared now, especially the former guy and Barr. I think the former guy and Barr will not be sleeping good now.
Hope they have people watching over Rudy protecting him from being silenced by them. Rudy should know he's in deep, deep trouble now, from both sides, and he doesn't trust the former guy. He's knows how dangerous a position he is in now. Will Rudy be silenced like Epstein was? Wouldn't shock me if he was. Maxwell also could be in a similar position. They know too much.

What needs to happen now with corruption and election manipulation ,

An independent group forming a commission go after everything concerning election crimes. Especially people and groups conspiring to undermine our elections, and holding them accountable criminally. That means investigating dark money, foreign money, and criminal influence , and raising money illegally. Manipulation of an elections results, the companies behind doing this corruptly, and the money people helping finance this, or it'll get worse and be used even more to undermine our Democracy.
Politicians taking money from foreign countries especially need to be exposed, and face serious consequences, and all tactics used to refuse to count votes, like signature rejections. The politicians need to not have any seats on this commission, and non-partisan people well respected for it is key to keep them from engaging in obstructing it. We have to restore law and order in politics, and our elections while we can , or we will lose . Those behind election fraud need to be accountable, and have consequences.
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