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Member since: Sat Dec 23, 2017, 07:15 PM
Number of posts: 11,285

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Will Jenni Thomas and her SCOTUS husband be called in before the House Jan 6 committee?

About knowledge and possible payments made for transportation for the rioters?

Did trump make any calls to the rittenhouse judge,

Before the trial, and to use it now for publicity? It wouldn't be the first time he's tampered with trials, or others things.

McCarthy is being strung along by the former guy,

Thinking he'll get the majority leader position, but his boat sunk long ago, and he's being played by the orange guy, who'll want someone who'll be more corrupt and crazy for him. McCarthy is desperate, and weak, and 2022 he'll lose his position. The orange one is acting like he'll run to griff money for his pockets, then have an excuse at the last minute why he won't be running, and to screw over the RNC.

What's Manchins excuses to stall and weaken the BBB bill going to be this time around?r

He always does this, and why?

Their votes for BIf and BBB exposes the. Former guy and the GOP's true intentions

They don't really care About the. American people, just their Wealthy donors. Their no votes expose them as frauds, and fascist.

Could Biden work with Governors to unclog the shipping issues, and driving prices higher?

By having the National Guard and other military groups go in and help them get caught up and help build more facilities helping handling the increase in shipping. Maybe by moving out containers to places nearby where they aren't gouged by these shipping companies for storage, reducing their costs.

The media needs to not help Bannon promote his propaganda,

By airing any of his statements, which he'll use for grafting the cult with, and to incite them more. If they do they're complicit with the attacks on our Democracy.

Manchin's excuses just keep coming,

He at every turn uses excuse after excuse to water down, stall, and block key Biden agenda legislation hurting millions of people in his state, and Americans around the country . He claims one thing after another not accepting facts, while making up excuses for his actions , and voting against transformative legislation that would change the lives of millions, and at a time we need this the most. This is the perfect time this should be passed , and while the interest rate to pay for it is so low, and his being a business man knows this, so his intent doing this is in question.
Has he found another source of revenue for himself from the GOP from his actions, or is he compromised and being threatened to continue his tactics? Dems need to get a few real Republicans to vote for Biden's BBB plan, taking away Manchin's repeated tactics preventing meaningful legislation passage to undermine his being able to do this. I think he is a fraud myself, and there's a monetary reason he's doing this , and the truth coming out will expose him. I'm done with his excuses, and people in his state should show him they are too, or this will get worse from him and others.

What's the criminal penalty if convicted for conspiring and committing sedition?

Could any of them be charged with treason also, or is that only in time of war? Giving secrets to enemies? What's the worse penalty any of them could face, if convicted?

Big orange's patterns never change,

It's always about promoting lies for the con, repeat then escalate with exaggerating the lies while claiming he and his followers are the victims. Then he repeats until they accept it. Then he uses threats to intimidate, and bully those who won't go along with his demands, which no matter what They do. He'll demand more. Then he'll make suggestions of violence, and has others repeat the message to his followers. Of course he'll say then he has no responsibility for any violence that does happen. The con is for donors money, and get it any way he can by conning others. He now is threatening all of the Republican Party, while donors are running away. He also demands he be protected from prosecution. So I expect he's been trying to get Supreme Court justices on his side, any way he can.
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