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Member since: Sat Dec 23, 2017, 08:15 PM
Number of posts: 10,309

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Trump claims the economy is great, shooting up like a rocket,

What he fails to say is its great for the 1%ers, not the rest of us. Remember the tax scam bill he and Republicans passed where 83% went to the top 1% , and it had cuts to Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security in it. It's also costing us from less revenues from giving some 1%ers as much as a billion a year in tax breaks. Also he had them in their own companies buy back their own stocks for him driving the markets up shifting huge amounts into their pockets. Now with coved stimulus he has big corporations get their huge sums, and has the federal reserve print up trillions to prop the markets up , for political gains for himself to claim how great it's doing, when we get stuck with additional debt of trillions, and he took care of them first. Now he and McConnell are stiffing the American people stalling us from getting any help. How can the economy be great with 50-60 million out of a job, or 50% of small business has gone out of business for good? How come he's lying about the real unemployment numbers, which is over 26%. It's all another trump con just like he's trying to claim about health care, when he has cut millions off from their health care plans, and actively trying to cut off millions more, while he lies telling you the opposite. In Feb. we were already in a recession before coved, farmers were going bankrupt and committing suicide at record levels, and a reason why he used our money to pay them off. If the economy was so good why did he have to use a trillion dollars to prop the markets up? Because he knew it was about to collapse on him, and could use it as a claim the economy was great. It's all a con job with trump, and the republicans are right there backing these false claims up. Vote the liars out of office or we'll be standing in soup lines soon.

Here's what I want a reporter to ask trump,

If you lose the election will you pardon yourself and /or family members before leaving office.

Is trump already threatening us?

He projected Biden would cause a Great Depression, and he projects onto others what he's doing. If he loses will he intentionally hurt and crash the economy more before he's forced to leave office so he can claim to his followers he was right, and to try and make him look bad. He's done this in business before when he didn't get his way.

Do you trust a serial liar with...

...your health care plan, when he refuses to show it to anyone? I don't. His health , and he's lying and trying to cover up he's very ill, and not from Covid. He's used this tactic in business by promising things he has no intentions of keeping, then after he gets what he wants he refuses to keep his promises. Typical con man move from trump.

Trump can't tell the truth

He refuses to produce proof he really had Covid-19, and says he doesn't remember about his tests. I think he's hiding his serious health issues, and is desperately trying to con people into believing he has Covid-19 instead, and failing badly. You know what he's thinking about when he talks claiming something against others , or suggest the opposite of the truth. He claims Biden will cause a depression because he knows the economy is in a recession already and still in trouble from him , so he's projecting that onto Biden, and lying about it. Trump's lying is driving more people away from him now, and can't stop them . Every day he talks or tweets his numbers will fall more because people are tired of his lying, and he can't keep his mouth shut.

More republicans running from trump

They're realizing he's not a republican, or conservative. He's a liar, he's sadistic, and a fascist dictator wanna be, working to destroy our Democracy, not make America great, and his embracing extremist hate groups who he incites against our government. Republicans in Congress have enabled trump , a corrupt criminal to do this to us, and now are running from them too , and voting.trumps now desperate to rig this election . Vote them out!

While working for trump

Steve Bannon went to other countries trying to get extremist hate groups support for trump. This now shouldn't be a surprise, and reporters need to ask him why he had Bannon do that, not will he denounce them , he won't.

Reporters need to ask trump,

Will you give yourself a pardon after the election? Or from Pence?

trump now claims he want to go bigger than the Democrats on stimulus checks,

Ok, Nancy wanted people to get $2,000 a month to the American people until things get better, so reporters should ask trump how much above $2,000 a month is he wanting now, and why he had McConnell stall the House bill for months.

What would you do if your boss was infected with Covid-19

And infested 40-60 others, and is forcing you to come to work around him and others infected anyway, and without protections, and threatens you you'll lose your job if you don't? I wouldn't go. Me and my family's health is more important, plus I couldn't work for someone that evil and corrupt.
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