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Member since: Sat Dec 23, 2017, 07:15 PM
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Why the Jan 6 commission committee should just go ahead and do it now,

Call for orange Hitler to appear under oath before them, because he'll do everything to stall it, and use the courts to try to instead not have to appear in person. He needs to be made to appear under oath period, with no exceptions given or they'll exploit it , and refuse others to appear also.
No free passes, he's not above the law, and has to appear under oath just like everyone else has to. He will try to stall having to do it over and over again. It should also be publicly done. The DOJ and this commission needs to set an example, and not let it become stalled and bogged down, and make him accountable like everyone else. No excuses allowed. This also doesn't give him more time to try to corrupt this commission, or the courts, which he will try to do.

The neo-fascist movements goal is to promote division and chaos,

Take vaccines as an example promoting anti-vaccination causing neo-fascist to overwhelmingly get the virus, and spread it more, and killing more of them from being conned to reject getting it. Another is promoting guns then watching the crime rates go up to then falsely claim its the Democrats fault. Another is CRT used to divide people using race issues which they know they can con people into being racist openly now. Using these type of issues to divide people with is how neo-fascist politicians get their followers, as Hitler and others have done, and is being done in this country and others around the world.
There is no longer a republican party, its been hijacked by the extreme neo-fascist domestic terrorist groups. Until the Democrats get this stopped and turned around, we'll see things get much worse from these corrupt and dangerous criminals , and extremist. Now they attack free elections using legislation to take away votes from the American people who'll vote against them, and promote election results to claim they won, by using corruption. The neo-fascist want America to fail now, and why they promote obstructing anything in Congress passed to help Americans now, and promote propaganda instead of the truth because it works.

Unanswered questions,

When will all the other trxxp org people be indicted and charged for tax fraud, and more, and were others in the family (melanie, barron, tiffany and others) used to for tax schemes and funneling payoffs, or embezzlement schemes. We're just seeing a small fraction of how this criminal family stole money, and committed crimes before, during , and after leaving office. I think they better have severe consequences, or the next times it will be even worse for us as a country.
Politicians because of their wealth and position should be held to a higher standard, not given a free pass, or equal justice is a joke, and we'll continue to have a corrupt government. We also deserve the whole truth, or others will take advantage of it , and use it against them causing mistrust of our government. The corruption needs to stop, and soon, and with consequences, for all of them.

Is there a random drug testing policy for members of Congress and the President and VP?

If not why is that? They work for us , don't they? We have a right to know if they are under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Some do act like they are , and would explain their actions and comments. Same thing for Supreme Court Justices.

Weaselburg should be scared now,

He could wait too long to flip and end up with no deal and end up in prison the rest of his life, and he should be scared for his life. If its proven , which i think it will be, he and the orange one and his family has been laundering money for putin and his wealthy minon's , and dealing with the russian mafia, plus more , his and his family's safety could be threatened. He's no dummy , and knows this.
The orange one I'd bet is contacting, compromising, bribing, or threatening members of the Supreme Court , and has been for awhile to ensure he again escapes justice, and could be falsely telling Weaselburg he'll save him too even if he doesn't have them in his pocket yet. This is just the start of what will expose the orange one and his family, and the weaselburg. Russia putin money laundering crimes will be getting exposed. Weaselburg knew all about it too. Hope he's not Epsteined.
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