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Progressive Jones

Progressive Jones's Journal
Progressive Jones's Journal
December 29, 2020

A few legal questions about this "Civil War" that the whacko right claims to want.

First, I think they're all just running their mouths with all this "Civil War" talk, but I suppose some of them actually
take it seriously.

Here are my questions. Let's say a few bands of these RWNJs take up arms against Americans, and the US government, and start shooting it up. Are they suddenly considered "Enemy Combatants", or merely violent criminals? Would any "declaration of war" against the US, and its' people, have any sort of teeth, like a declaration of war from another nation? Would these "enemy combatants" suddenly lose their US citizenship and rights? Would it be legal for American civilians to engage them in defense of the US, without fear of legal consequences?

Asking for 250 million friends...
December 12, 2020

LOL ! Borrowed from elsewhere, but I sure wish I had said it.

"Supreme Court Declares a Writ of Fuck Outta Here with That Bullshit"

I can't stop laughing!

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