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Member since: Sun Feb 18, 2018, 12:32 PM
Number of posts: 6,013

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Marij, Da cat's out'ada bag.

WNYC segment this morning. Peeps in the tri-state area are driving the two-three hour trip to western Massachusetts to purchase legal marijuana. Local shops report that 20% of buyers are from out of state.

Yeah, there is danger if they are stopped on the road but the point is, it is now, readily available regardless of what the N.J. legislature does.

If you don't want to go to western Mass., you can go to Fall river off of 95.

Barr's gift to Dems?

I believe the best thing would be if Barr gives a severely redacted Muller report to Congress. First of all, no matter what is disclosed, little or nothing will come of it. "Impeachment is off the table."

More importantly, it gives a presidential campaign issue: "What are they hiding?" That sentence can be pounded, time and time again. It will have more power than "Lock her up" because it deals with an unknown.

"places" category - 11:00 am

8 of 10 posts were about some kind of fraud.

Drug side effects.

I have 6 drugs prescribed for me. When we get the original script filled, we get a sheet with fine print, two or three pages of crap that few read.

Some of the info is printed in bold. That may get read.

So I got an email from A.A.R.P. that listed side effects of drugs prescribed for heart condition. One of the sides is depression. Yeah, I'm fuckin' depressed. It may not be from the drugs but I don't know.

THE POINT: Why doesn't the physician prescribing the shit, tell us one or two main things to look out for? Why do I have to depend on A.A.R.P. to warn me?

A.O.C. and the Amazon pullout from N.Y.C,

I wonder if the decision to pull out of N.Y.C., was to put the skids on A.O.C. and left Democrats.

This will give Republicans ammunition on arguing that Dem positions cost jobs.

If she goes and other 2018 elected Dems go, Bezos and the billionaires get to keep their money. Giving up N.Y.C. would be a small price to pay.


Physician Assisted Suicide debate.

This is, again under discussion.

A primary objection seems to be about relatives pressuring people to end their lives because they don't want the care burden or worry about the cost of long term care.

What about the possibility of a downloadable statement. "I do not and never will want physician assisted suicide as an action for myself." Or a similar statement.

They can sign it and give it to their primary physician(s) as part of their care folders. It can also be given to their attorneys.

Would this be a reasonable answer to that objection?

Brexit, Brits & the Proms --

I was on Youtube, general music. I picked some '70s stuff -- and you get the side list, "Up Next."

Up next, came The Proms," Jerusalem" and "God Save the Queen." 2015.

Chills up my spine from the music and the people in the hall and in the park outside. Flags waving. Joy. I wish I had been there.

What will this years final night be like? Or 10 years from now?

Isn't evangelical Jon Chau entitled to a Darwin Award?

He deserves to be so honored and revered. Lets start a petition.

Physical abuse, not sexual.

Much has been written about clergy sexual abuse. Not as much about physical abuse.

Three examples from my life.

I was 12 and attending Catholic Confirmation Class. We were about 2 weeks from the confirmation ceremony when the nuns took us out of the classrooms and lined us up against a wall. A nun began asking us the questions based on the Catechism. One kid gave the wrong answer. The nun grabbed both his cheeks and, shaking him by his cheeks, gave him the correct answer and had him repeat it as she shook him.

A couple of kids down the line, a kid got a wrong answer. The nun slammed him against the wall. He fell. There was blood on the wall. Another nun took him out of the hallway. The blood was on the hall for several weeks.

Yeah, me too. I was kicked by a priest. I complained to another priest who said, "I will speak with Father.... " I soon left church, figuring, Jesus wouldn't act that way.

Several years ago, I went to a performance of "Nunsense." Good show. As a last part of the show, the actor asked if anyone in the audience had any questions. One guy, about 40 years old, asked, "Do you know why the nuns in my school hit me?" The atmosphere in the audience went dark. The actress apologized for his pain and believed that no longer happens.

Clergy physical abuse also leaves emotional scars and needs to be recognized.

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