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Member since: Sun Feb 18, 2018, 12:32 PM
Number of posts: 9,012

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New Scam? Email from United States Mail Service. Not U.S.P.S.

And they want my credit card # to pay for a customs invoice of $1.05.

Help settle an argument between me and my ex.

We're watching Patrick Stewart. He is star of a Brit series where he plays a Brit government consultant who's job it is to eliminate or at least, address dangers such as pandemics and global warming.

We both agree that Cap't Picard would be better suited to handle such emergencies than would Cap't. James Kirk.

I say that Spock would be a better "second" in such emergencies than would Data. Ex. says Data, because he has more information in is memory banks. Spock has the human flexibility to make a decision that could include intuition, although rarely used.

Help me win this one.

Regarding the surrender by Russian troops. Are they prisoners of war? Where will they be imprisoned

What happens to their sorry asses if/when they get sent back to Russia? Is there still a shortage of laborers in the salt mines? Polonium is in short supply.

Trump in D.C. one speculation, Walter Reed.

Maybe the bone spur is acting up.

So, is it serious. To get an answer , ask , did his dear wife, Malaria go with him?

The queen and the colonies..... my 2 cents.

Start off with, the largest percentage of my DNA - 23 and me, is Irish. I don't know who my Irish ancestors were, where they came from or when they got here and under what circumstances. I had an uncle who looked like James Cagney. My father was described as a short (5'5" John Wayne. He did look like John Wayne

Mom, 1/3 Irish decent, was, based on earlier photos, damn good looking. Inspired by Donald, If she wasn't my mother and I was 60 -- we'll leave that alone and go on to the subject. Me? I an't too good looking and that was tough shit for me when it came to dating. Oh well. I still ain't good looking.

The only information I have about Irish relations with England comes from movies and TV. I never sent money to the I.R.A. I don't have either an Irish or Italian flag to fly from my porch. But I saw the news broadcasts of the Belfast uprisings and repression. I knew about Bobby Sands, the treatment of Catholics (I am an atheist), the prisons, The Marching Season, July 12th. and so forth.

These things happened during my lifetime. They happened during the lifetime and reign of E II.... and as far as we know, she did nothing about any of it.

So we get told, there was nothing she could do about it anyway. You see, she has a job and the job requires her to keep her mouth shut. And for keeping her mouth shut, she gets castles, limo's,hefs, servants and more money than most of us will ever see in our lifetimes. And all of this is on the taxpayers' dime. Yeah, they gotta leave the castles and shake hands with the commons a couple'a times a year but the wore gloves so as not to touch 'em.


Just keep your mouth shut. Do what's best or the nation and for "the firm." As much as what's going on, sucks, just keep your mouth shut and keep the money, position and the power intact.

The thing is, she was Queen, but she was also human. Did she never have any bad feelings about what was done In Her Name? If she did, we don't know about it.

Funny thing. This is close to the same situation with our Republican leadership. Trump sucks. We know he sucks. They know he sucks
but to keep the money, position and power intact, they say nothing about OrangeAnus or the Magaloons. They know. A couple of them may be true believers. I have more respect for them than the ones who know better but choose to prostitute themselves.

So we excuse the queen, just as we will probably excuse Charles. Except Charles is not warm and fuzzy like E II, so maybe not.

But the question remains: If she had spoken out about Ireland, Brexit or whatever her government did in her name, would it have made a difference? I believe it would have. Was she and are the Republicans immoral?

And thus safety 3H in his weekly, Sunday night musings.

LABOR DAY WEEKEND !!! Neighbors are all gone somewhere. And its Sunday morning.

I can play Floyd, Stones, Zep as loud as I want !

And yeah, I'm gonna "rec" my own thread about it.

Tax question. Our step daughter and family may move in with us in October. 2nd floor apartment and

will pay towards expenses, enough to cover utilities and portion of property tax.

There will not be profit from this.

Is it taxable?

Itching on my ears. Been years, and it's driving me crazy.

Been to 4 doctors, get cream or oil prescriptions and they do not help.

Dermatologist today, I will get a new prescription tomorrow. She says, if this doesn't work, nothing more she can do.

Any thoughts?

Assemblyman, Kevin Rooney, (R-Jerkoff) introduces legislation to require edible marijuana

to be kept in locked containers.

Seems he heard that kids are being hospitalized for eating edibles. No sources, no statistics.

I promise you, if it was happening, it would be in the papers. Snakebites in N.J. make the papers. Kids in hospital for eating edibles would make front page.

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