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Member since: Sun Feb 18, 2018, 12:32 PM
Number of posts: 11,258

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I like coffee. I roast my own, grind my own and then "drip" brew it. (I am not sure that "brew" is a

correct term for the process but you get the idea.) I ain't much into fancy stuff like frappe or such. Just a plain, old cup of drip coffee.

Well, the $190 Cuisinart coffee maker collapsed today and Cuisinart -- well they no longer support the fuckin' thing. It is now, useless.

So, off to Costco. The only brand on the shelf was Ninja for a couple'a hundred. Fuck that.

Next, off to Target --- Ninja, Cuzze, and other brands for $100 or more.

Then I find a box on the "special" shelf, $19.99.

$150 or 19.95, the process is the same: hot water is poured over grounds and the process leaches residue from the grounds and you get your coffee. This process is the same for any of the units on the shelf.

So the $19.99 (plus tax) is on the counter making coffee as good as the stuff that came out of the $190 piece or shit. Unfortunately, the new one doesn't have as many buttons to press.

This may be a record... 4 cops and 1 pastor

on various criminal charges at the same time, posted on various D.U. links.

Real estate is like the stock market - goes up and down.

That's what the judge doesn't understand.

One day, like when it's time to file taxes, the value goes down. Real down.

Damn. I find poison Ivy in my yard in July, I got rid if it,

Now, I find Poison Oak in a different part of the yard.

Weekly, D.U. - there's a post on a youth pastor or pastor-pastor infidelitying, child stuff'n stuff,

same sex stuff and stuff like this. I get so upset, I can't even tell yiz exactly what it is they are doing to other men.

These things take good men away from spreading the Word of The Lord.

Why does God allow Lucifer to temp these men?

Captchas --- Da fuck ???

Three or four times before access.

This sucks.

Most disturbing - gun control as a topic at last night's debate.

It was brought up after the third commercial break. Everyone of them diverged from the topic. NO RESPONDENT uttered the word, "Gun."

Instead, we learned that crime is the problem, exacerbated (Please note: big word for me.) by George Soros elected prosecutors who let let criminals walk by instituting bail reform.

Moderator pointed out that the question wasn't being answered. That didn't matter. It's criminals. Not guns.

How to solve the nation's problems: What I learned tonight --- teachers' unions suck.

Get rid of regulations,

Take away the 80k new employees from IRS and use the money to send soldiers to the border.

Guns aren't the problem (Oh, and teachers' unions are the real source of our problems) George Soros's prosecutors are.

Let Europe handle Russians in (fukkin teacher's unions) Ukraine.

Instead of worrying about climate change (Christie took care of the N.J. teachers' union) worry about China making money off of us, selling batteries.

Life is important. Jesus says so. (Jesus probably wouldn't support teachers' unions).

The news is that the Anal Fistula's weight will be disseminated (big word for me). Anyways,

can we get a pool going on the number?

$1.00 per bid?

The only way to convince maggots that the indictment needs to go forward -- explain to them that the

next president to be charged with a crime, could be a Democrat. Would they want a Democrat to get away with committing a crime?
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