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Member since: Sun Feb 18, 2018, 12:32 PM
Number of posts: 6,013

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C-19, casinos and smoking.

So. Dakota is scheduled to open casinos today. Other states will follow.

Human exhalation (people exhaust if you want) is the main source of C-19. The more forceful the exhale, the farther it carries virus and it transmits more virus.

Smoking results in a more forceful exhale than does natural breathing. Smokers in casinos will spread more virus than non-smokers.

Take this in consideration when you decide to visit a casino.

Abortion-Terry Schiavo: Life is precious

except when it costs Wall Street to save life.

For Republicans, the stench of hypocrisy is flowing out of their asses.

Armed assho-- protestors.

They are there because N.R.A. backed state legislatures passed laws that allow this bullshit.

If they try to pass laws to rescind open carry, they will be met with armed protests outside their homes. Their spouses, kids and relatives will be followed to stores, schools and Little League games. These thugs are now showing up, armed inside the legislative chambers.

It ain't gonna change until one of these thugs "accidentally" shoots someone at one of these rallies. Defense will be, I felt threatened an I was "standing my ground."

If I were in their shoes...

I am in good economic shape. I'm not rich or nuthin'. No boat to go to the Virgin Islands or mountain retreat to wait out the virus.... Hell. Maybe I could'a written the new, "Tales of the Decamaron"....

But I am not stressed. Mortgage is paid off. Coupl'a thousand of debt that I will pay off by July. Monthly S.S. and defined benefit pension keep me above water with 2k left at the end of the month.

Then I wonder. If this had happened 40 years ago, 2 kids, one in college and another gonna go, mortgage, property taxes and on and on... and suddenly furloughed, would I feel the same way I do about the protesters? Then, I would have been in deep shit.

Side thought. We paid off the mortgage in 2009, after the crash. I was worried about banks crashing, and would someone even be able to pay off a mortgage if the mortgage was sold to bank after bank...because bank after bank went belly-up. --- would we even have income?

So we paid off the mortgage. We would have been economically better off if we kept the money in Fidelity. Probably would be $300k richer than we are today. But we slept good in 2008. We sleep good now.

Still, I don't have resentment for the people who want restrictions lifted. Some of their methods of protest are assholic. But I understand and have some sympathy.

WNYC's Richard Hake died. Age 51

Cause, unknown.

Orange Buttplug's daily radio show.

So he comes up with the idea of having a daily, open call-in radio show in the pattern of Rush (ain't he fukin' dead, yet?) Limbaugh's.

Limbaugh says he'd be great at it with a little coaching.

Here's the problem: Limbaugh is funny. You may not like the butt/point of his humor, but the digs and the timing are funny.

Trump ain't funny. He has no sense of humor. Have you ever heard the dolt tell a joke? Laugh at a joke?

Such a radio show would be good for about 6 months. Then, people would get bored with it being about his ratings, lyin' press, and on and on. The present daily bullshit is already losing viewers. There is no news in them. That would be the same with his radio show.

It would be another of his ventures turning to shit.

How I know we r winning.

Wisconsin vote last week --- takeaway.

Republicans came out to vote. There were ballot positions for the Orange Buttplug and the Republican incumbent candidate for state Supreme Court.

Orange Asshole was unopposed. Still, he got somewhere around 60k fewer votes than the judge. The Republican judge also lost.

Census bureau is hiring.

Looks like there are even jobs from your home site.

I began filling out the job application a few weeks ago. I takes about 1/2 hour. I stopped in the middle of it, intending to complete it over the weekend. Then, came C-19 and I had no desire to knock on doors or stuff in the middle of the virus.

From there, I received several calls asking me to complete the application. Included was information about working from home.

Give it a shot. You will be helping yourself and the state. Pay is good.


Saving the post office.

Congress Dems need to pass a bill that does only one thing: Fund post office.

Orange Buttplug will veto it.

Then let Repukes go on record as voting against the post office when the vote comes to override the veto.

C-19, Here's one 4 ya.

S-I-L and step daughter both work in hospitals. One is a charge nurse the other is EMT. Both have symptoms but can't get tested.

At the same time, two Trader Joes are closed for deep cleaning. Sign on their doors say they are closed because employees tested positive.

Now, how come mini-market employees can get tested but hospital health care workers can't?
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