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My daughter's Democratic group.... They meet every couple of weeks. They got the list of Dem.

voters who didn't vote in 2016. They raised money for and sent applications for absentee ballots to those people.

How to win mid-terms? Ask Repubes about impeachment.

Dem. candidates are told not to mention impeachment or issue positive statements about it. But what about asking Repub. candidates what would warrant impeachment? If they answer, "Nothing.," publicize that.

If they answer, "Well, maybe........," that will weaken their position with the Trump base who believe nothing warrants the removal of Trump.

Prepare for an incoherent tweet storm

in 5 - 4- 3 2--

Frenchtown: Buildings on fire.

A truck carrying oil, crashed into buildings.

NJ Transit and pay

Star-Ledger today: Sweeney and other legislative leaders are planning on legislation to reduce public employee pension and health benefits. In the same issue, we are told that massive delays in N.J. transit are because engineers are leaving for other railroads that offer better pay.

Teaching has become one of the shittiest jobs because of paper work, shooting drills and actual shootings, testing, testing and more testing. Experienced teachers look forward to retirement. New teachers burn out and look for opportunities to find new jobs. Their pensions will also be reduced.

The complaint is that only teachers with lowest college grades go into teaching.

Christie already reduced pension benefits 11 years ago.

Does anyone see a connection?

Delaware County -- why the late returns?

Delaware and Franklin counties were the last to submit returns. I believe, an hour or so after the other counties had submitted their tallies.

Franklin has the largest population. Maybe that figures into the delay.

But why Delaware? But then when the Delaware total was in, the spread between the candidates seems wider than it had been than earlier in the evening.

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