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Member since: Sun Feb 18, 2018, 12:32 PM
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Trump Baby Ballon - Maplewood Tomorrow

11a.m. - 12p.m. is inflation time.

Maplewood Avenue, Across from Maplewood Theater

Two Netflix Trump Bio-pics. Let me save you the time.

One is a chapter in Dirty Money. The other is a bio-pic of about 5 chapters. Both are streaming.

So let me save you the time. Synopsis: Trump is a broke, lying piece of shit.

Actually, I recommend both.

Retired public employees fucked over again.

Maybe the contract wasn't a good contract for the taxpayers. But it was a contract. The deal was, you worked for x# of years, you got pension and all health benefits paid for.

Along comes Christie. "Sorry, we're breaking the contract. We don't want to raise taxes to pay for what we owe you. No cost of living adjustment for you for, at least, 30 years."

Now comes Murphy. "Guess, what? You ain't getting all the health care you were promised, either." And the Republican lawmakers want to make the retired workers pay more.

My question. This is supposed to save the state around $200m per year. Will that go into the pension fund or towards the governor's limo and free shore house?

Kavanaugh's daughters and Professor Ford.

On the first day of hearing, his daughters were removed from the hearing room so as not to be exposed to the unfavorable comments about their father.

Imagine when they hear or, in future, read about what a shit he is.

He should withdraw his nomination.

President Pelosi --- think on it. Imagine sputtering, drooling, wingnuts, every time they read it.

Then imaging poor Paul, he could'a been president if he hadn't decided to quit.

Pet Chickens problem. My daughter got into hobby chickens.

There were originally four chickens named, General Tso, Nugget, Tender and Fil-a. (Really). No, they won't be eaten when they finish laying.

Anyway, she bought two more and there was trouble introducing them into the cage. Nugget and Tender get along with the new ones. Fil-a and General T fight with the new ones.. The general is the worse offender. He claws at them and pulls out their tail feathers.

My s-i-l demoted the general to Colonel. That hasn't helped. The colonel is now in solitary, in a pen that is next to the other five.

Any thoughts on how to stop the aggressive chicken?
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