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Member since: Sun Feb 18, 2018, 12:32 PM
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Wind gusts up to 50 M.P.H. --- listening to wind whistling outside my window..

Tomorrow is garbage day. We will be picking garbage off the streets.

My daughter: "I went full "Karen" at Walmart." ... then her 5 year old ---

She's in line at check out with a full carriage and 3 kids in tow. ONE cashier is on duty. Just as she gets to put her stuff on the belt, the light goes off. "Sorry, I'm going on break and this register is closed."

R: "I've been waiting in line for over 15 minutes."

Manager comes over. "You can take it to the self checkout."

R: "I don't work here or get paid to check out. So you either open a register or put this shit back on the shelves, yourselves."

Manager: "Sorry ma'am, the cashier is on break."

Daughter leaves the cart and starts walking out the door.

5 Year old shouts out: "Fuck this place!" (He gets that from his father, but I approve the sentiment.)

End of story.
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