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Gender: Male
Hometown: FL
Home country: USA
Current location: N FL scrub
Member since: Sun Feb 18, 2018, 03:45 PM
Number of posts: 5,883

Journal Archives

Was just in my doctor's office and they had Trump's puss conference/drug announcement on.

A 60ish couple, well dressed for my poor little red town, sat watching from across the waiting room:

Husband: "He looks so tired. He has aged a lot."

Wife: "They have put him through so much."

I managed not to laugh but just had a big smile as my name was called. We all have these experiences, yet it never, ever ceases to amaze.

From the "In Case You Didn't Know" dept: Rick Santorum is still a clueless asshole.

2020: The year that finally killed the "I'm not votin cuz they're all the same" excuse.

If the Trump family ends up at a crappy hotel outside of Chernobyl, ala Schitt's Creek, are we

still on the hook for Secret Service?

Is it unusual to have voted in every election since 1976 and NOT ever been "polled?"

Never by phone. Never in an exit poll. I have always been registered and had a telephone. I have been contacted by fundraisers so it isn't that I'm hard to find.

Hey, maybe I am the margin for error.

I am envisioning an empty auditorium, lights gone dark and Trump still screaming into a dead mike.

Got my signed Cohen book today. Signature looks like a drunk paper clip. Eh.

A simple phrase: Republican National Trump Rally. Don't let Jacksonville rake in the dough under

false pretenses. It will not be the RNC. It will be a rally. Tie Jacksonville and the Republican Party to an increasingly unpopular "President." Make it plain. Let Jax pols chew on that and own it.

Just musing, re : Buffalo. Crowd control techniques haven't changed much in 1,000 years

For a number of years, I worked in a facility adjacent to another facility that hired and trained police recruits. We shared an open space with the other facility and often observed the trainings when we had occasion to be outside, going home, etc. Usually they started with basic physical fitness. Lots of exercising, some vomiting now and then, the usual stuff. But even early on, they incorporated close order drills and techniques. Advancing in unison. Hoorah! Pushing back, shoulder to shoulder, shields up, although the shields were initially imaginary.
Watching vids from Buffalo, it struck me that things had not changed much since the middle ages. Shield against shield, shield against whomever. Saxons or Danes never stopped to aid the wounded. They only advanced or shattered. This is how our LEOs are trained. It is what is expected. So when a 75 year old man is felled and bleeding, nothing changes. This what is expected. This is what is indoctrinated. This is what WE pay for.
Crush "the enemy" and let the medics follow later. Seems like we would have learned better techniques by now, at least against our own citizens.

Trump's anti mask gambit found sympathy among his base. But wait until it impacts parents when the

schools reopen. The opening story on my local news tonight was exactly about that scenario. 3-1/2 years of corruption, incompetence, greed and criminal activity are taking a back seat in the news cycle. Same shit, different day, different distraction...same results...media follows the rabbit. This may not be some distraction that people who follow DU will swallow, but it will damn sure find resonance with a lot of other people. Here is why IMO:

We have a lot of people in this country who are more and more questioning why they may or may not back Trump. Some are blindingly loyal, but not all. I believe that many of them will welcome a means to finally put their misgivings behind them and rally behind him. They couldn't really justify a lot of what has happened, but if they can be convinced to see public policy as an affront to their children's 'freedom"...watch out. I understand that these people were never really reliable, but they were at least "in play."

Sucks that it may take a big uptake in deaths and infections to counteract this crap. I do not want that at all.

Yes, I may need to step back from the ledge tonight...just hated that news lead.
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