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dameatball's Journal
dameatball's Journal
January 10, 2023

I was scheduled for MOHS surgery this morning for basal cell carcinoma, but at the last

minute (yesterday afternoon) it was denied by my medical provider. My provider wanted to send me to a local dermatologist for the traditional incision type removal. I am supposed to go to my provider's office this afternoon to discuss. Has anyone here had the same thing happen? I am trying to get my ducks in a row as to what questions to ask.

July 4, 2022

Just found this group. Curious about any opinions on belt drive bikes. I'm looking at Priority but

open to suggestion. Not E-bikes at this point. Thank you.

March 28, 2022

(Allergy related, hope this is right place) Any opinions on whether duct cleaning has any real

benefits for allergy sufferers. I'm not sure how to actually quantify this kind of thing but maybe someone has some related opinions. I am having a local company come out to give me an estimate tomorrow. I have seen some stuff on the internet that seems bogus, so curious to hear some ideas. Thank you.

April 26, 2021

Anecdotal maybe, but it aggravates me how effective RWers are at using the term "Patriot" locally.

I live in small town America, in the south. There is still a pervasive myth that in the good ol days people were happier and things were better in general. The truth is that these parts are sort of like Norman Rockwell meets meth lab. Things ain't so great.
But one thing I can't help but notice is how damn patriotic everyone is. No matter what the event, it is guaranteed that the "fill in the blank Patriots" will have a presence there. Farmer's market?....there's a booth and they have flags. Parade?.....there are trucks and they have flags. Save the statue rally? There's a group and they have flags. Pissed off at the schoolboard?....There's a table and some flags. Even I can see a pattern there and I am a bit dense.
Free food giveaway?.....There's a bunch of volunteers....and they have flags. Neighborhood crime watch?....you guessed it. They have meetings.....with flags.

Democrats attend these events too. They are just as concerned and civic minded and work just as hard. But we don't really seem to have much brand recognition.

Our side has many really good ideas and messages. Unfortunately it is harder to make them into a simple concept. The right wingers have basically fear and whatever flows from that. "Patriotism" is the quick fix. It seems to work. No wonder the other guy always wanted a military parade.

Okay, rant over. I have to go to town in a while.

March 31, 2021

If Matt Gaetz ever goes to prison, his hair can work at the onsite car wash. Please pull forward.

Okay, sorry, I just couldn't figure out which post to respond to.

February 19, 2021

Well FFS....just heard on local news: Desantis ordering flags at half staff for Rush Limbaugh.

Not sure if I am totally pissed off or just thinking it's an even trade. Heard it on Jax channel 12.

Sorry....Florida if you haven't guessed.

February 14, 2021

2016-2021: So when did Mike Pence become expendable?

I always assumed that Pence was picked as VP in order to assuage those evangelicals who might be concerned about Trump's sordid past. Maybe it was. It isn't like Pence was immensely popular for any political expertise. But somehow, over a few years, Pence became totally irrelevant except as a Trump rubber stamper and hanger on. Whatever major players he had seemed to bring to the table were now in the Trump camp and no longer gave a s*** about Pence, even to the point that they still support Trump after the Capitol invasion and the attempts to capture and/or kill him.
Can we now put to bed this fable that Evangelicals are remotely concerned with any morality that doesn't fit into a political narrative? I think the answer is quite apparent.

To clarify:
Everyone is expendable to Trump. The OP is about Evangelicals, the Republican party and the now exposed facade of morality that brought Pence into the equation to begin with. Says a lot about Evangelicals.

December 2, 2020

So if Trump has an "alternative" inauguration/2024 announcement, who pays for it? Is the RNC on the

hook somehow, even though he may very well be a convicted felon by 2024? His current fundraising scam is about somehow still winning the election, is it not? Wondering how that all plays out.
One thing for sure, whoever hosts such a boondoggle better ask for money up front.

November 20, 2020

Was just in my doctor's office and they had Trump's puss conference/drug announcement on.

A 60ish couple, well dressed for my poor little red town, sat watching from across the waiting room:

Husband: "He looks so tired. He has aged a lot."

Wife: "They have put him through so much."

I managed not to laugh but just had a big smile as my name was called. We all have these experiences, yet it never, ever ceases to amaze.

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