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Member since: Tue May 22, 2018, 07:30 PM
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McCain: don't be scared of Obama

i.e. stop listening to all that shit on the radio! Exactly the opposite of Trump, who says the radio shit is the only thing you should trust.

RW radio host is already angry at GOP voters for not voting

he was very upset, yelling how they didn't understand the stakes, the future of America is on the line!!!

I was wondering what election he was talking about, I thought it might be one of the special elections that already happened. No, he was talking about the one coming up in November.

I guess he's planning ahead?

welder gets fired for posting video of wildcat strike in Indianapolis

welder reports on Mexicans walking off the job en masse, in protest of other workers getting fired.

This narrator himself, named Antoine Dangerfield, got fired for posting this video and refusing to take it down.

Link to story below the video.


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