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Member since: Sat Jun 9, 2018, 03:24 PM
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I have something I need to bitch about regarding Elizabeth Warren and the DNA test. Not EW.

How many people have taken DNA tests recently? How many people have gone to ancestry dot com to search out their roots? How many people claim to have First People blood in their veins to find out they do not?

She did what many of us have thought about or done. I have chased my ancestry back to the 1400's.

She put her money where her mouth was and shut his ass down. What the hell is the big deal?

End of bitch.

Edit: Please see my #7 post below. She did have First People markers.

If you are looking for something to watch on Hulu I have 2 suggestions

Proven Innocent
For the People

The title of the first one is self explanatory and the second one is about the federal system with both prosecutors and defenders in it. Both have been hitting current events.

Gianforte and Zinke's Dirty Secret...

Ryan Zinke has joined the board of a gold mining company, at $100,000 a year. This probably means he’ll be making between $5-$10,000 an hour for his “work” of sitting in on a few board meetings, retreats and calls. Good work if you can get it.

According to Forbes magazine Greg Gianforte took outsourcing to new levels and made a fortune helping companies lay off American workers


And GG wants to be the Governor.

"When Are Presidential Running Mates Chosen?"


Romney/Ryan 2 weeks before the RNC convention
McCain/Palin days before RNC convention
Obama/Biden 2 days before DNC convention
Bush/Cheney 1 week before RNC convention

The list goes on. I wonder why are we even thinking about this when we have at least another year before the candidates decide and another couple of months before they tell us.

Eric Swalwell is in!

Another very capable candidate. There are some hard choices to be made.

Joe On MSNBC now. nt

Question about complicated taxes.

Do you specifically have to name the companies/business where you have interest from? Is it all laid out individually? Purdue, Exxon, Rosneft … things like that.

"MeToo founder says the movement has become 'unrecognisable'"


I think we all need to read this. It's a good article and I don't want to pick and choose but leave it up to the reader to get what they will out of it.

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