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Gender: Male
Hometown: Poulsbo WA
Home country: United States
Current location: Poulsbo
Member since: Sun Aug 26, 2018, 12:47 PM
Number of posts: 1,787

Journal Archives

Is this picture 'shopped? nt

Anybody know anything about the judge who signed the search warrant?

Repub?... trump appointee, I hope?

Chuck Rosenburg - on Rachel's show tonight - points out that a search warrant is different than asking somebody for their stuff. It shows lack of trust that the person will comply.... or destroy the evidence.

This is historic.

And my schadenfreude dial is maxxed-out.

I hate phones. Period. I have an old flip-phone for emergencies..

...but I reluctantly need to join the fucking herd that walks around staring at their devices.
Is the "Google Pixel 4a - Unlocked Android Smartphone - 128 GB of Storage - Up to 24 Hour Battery" a good place to start?
I am NOT going to spend $1500 for something that tells my my car warranty will soon run out 5 times a day, but if you have suggestions, I'd appreciate them.

The Secret Service. Beyond reproach? Dan Bongino was a Secret Service agent for 12 years.

That is all.

Poor old confused Biden....

He spoke from the heart, and in actual sentences. He made sense, too.

Poor old confused Biden.

He just lacks the speaking ability of his predecessor.

Sarcasm dial set to "MAX"

When the cops finally breached the classroom at Robb elementary...

... they didn't take any casualties doing so.
Is that right?

Well, if that is correct, was the shooter already dead?
Was the shooter incapacitated somehow?
Was the shooter surrendering?

I have no quarrel with the guys who breached that classroom, whatever happened.

Since there were no casualties among the force that breached the classroom, it really makes the cops that sat their on their thumbs for an hour look worse!
Who trained those people?

NOT beating a dead horse, but everything I read says that the police protocol..

... for school shootings changed after Columbine.
Before that, police were supposed to wait and try to negotiate with the barricaded suspect(s).
Now, I read that the protocol calls for immediate engagement of the suspect.

Will someone here with actual knowledge of such a protocol please clarify.

"At the time, and because it was such an unheard of event, police scrambled to respond to Columbine. Then, when on the scene, they treated the shooting like a bank robbery negotiation, waiting outside for almost an hour thinking that the shooters would be in communication with demands - all while the shooting continued inside. Today, protocols call for the first officer on-site to enter the situation rather than waiting outside to plan and respond."


Here's a video of what's wrong with the gun-humpers. They think a gun is a toy.

Cruz is right....

That scumbag said that...."...the proposals the Democrats have none of them would have stopped this.
That's because the Dems will propose some kind of rational step that almost anybody could agree with. Not Repubs, of course.

Why not go for gun registration, shooter registration, competency testing, safety training... the whole enchilada?

Nothing the Dems propose will pass anyway, but at least we'd be on the record as favoring real reforms that really would work.

The televised 6Jan hearings.... could we see a "Frankie Five Angels" moment(s)..?

Could a key witnesses - or witnesses - change their story and deny their sworn depositions?
trump could promise them their families would be cared for... and maybe a pardon.
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