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albacore's Journal
albacore's Journal
May 6, 2024

Chyron on MSNBC now... "trump leads Biden by 17% on immigration..."

WTF? Do the dumbshits in this country think trump would wave a magic wand and solve a problem as complex as immigration? Do they think walls will keep desperate people out? Detention camps??
They are risking their fucking lives..and that of their children...to get here. Nothing will deter them.
As warming ... and political unrest...increase, it's gonna get worse. We need some plans, not bumper-sticker-slogans.
And once again, Murikans fail to deal with reality.

March 7, 2024

Earth movement insurance....

I've got earthquake insurance on my house, but that doesn't cover any other kind of earth movement... like mudslides or slippage on a hill. In WA, we know about rain-soaked hillsides.
I live near, but not on, the edge of a hill, and would like to know if there is any insurance that would cover my situation.
Anybody got any ideas?

February 15, 2024

Sir Roger Penrose.... Nobel laureat in 2020...black holes... etc, etc,etc...

...is 92, and writing and speaking on Quantum Consciousness and other things that I cannot comprehend.

Biden, of course, is handicapped because he's only 81.
When did age and experience become negative characteristics?
Especially in someone with a recent record of accomplishment.
(I wish he was 20 years younger, but I wish the same of myself.)

February 5, 2024

Housing for the servants...

My wife and I bike around our small Washington state town, and we see all the new houses being built... and sold like hotcakes....we ask ourselves: "Who can afford a $900,000 house. Where are the regular people, like the teachers, going to live?"
A Colorado school district may have an answer... tiny-house teacher ghettos. 352 sq ft houses that the district will rent to employees for $825/month.
Welcome to the future, folks. Tiny (rental) houses for the servants, mansions for the monied elite.

"Harrison School District 2 in Colorado Springs is in the planning stages of building 20, 352-square-feet duplexes on an acre parcel at the district's Mountain Vista Community School.
The $6 million dollar project will offer electrically powered homes at a rent of $825 a month. The average rent in Colorado Springs is $1,720 per month and the average home price is $523,456.
The salary for new teachers in the district is $47,545"


February 5, 2024

trump cult donations

Nope.... not a cult. Just normal people ignoring reality and sending money to a crook.
Read today's Danny Westneat's piece in the Seattle Times.
And weep..

"There’s a school custodian in SeaTac who donated to Donald Trump 172 times last year. She sent Trump some money just about every other day. There’s a retiree in Pullman who gave Trump’s fundraising operation small amounts between $4 and $44 so many times — 165 times — that by the end of 2023 it added up to nearly $4,000. And there’s a self-employed handyman in Shoreline who started pushing the Trump donate button so hard beginning in July — sometimes giving 40 times in a month — that by year’s end he had sent $2,253.

Of all the unusual aspects of the Donald Trump phenomenon, the one I find the most perplexing is the zeal with which his supporters continue to send him money. Federal campaign finance reports, released this past week for the second half of 2023, show that they’re often working-class or retired folks who engage in what amounts to a near-daily Trump tithing, often in $5 or $10 increments."
"The problem is that huge amounts of Trump’s campaign accounts are being spent on legal fees (nearly 50 different law firms got paid), as well as ludicrous expenditures like an $18,000 per month retainer for Melania Trump’s clothing stylist.

As I’ve confessed before, I simply don’t get it. It’s one thing to vote for Trump. But I can’t grasp why anyone would send him money, given the track record. Remember when 45,000 Washingtonians helped him finance an “Election Defense Fund” that, it turned out, didn’t exist? That money was instead spent on Trump-affiliated companies, events and stays at his own hotels and the foundations of his aides and friends."
I asked a Trump donor 'Did you see that Trump spent $55 million of his campaign money on lawyers, for both himself and his associates? Does that trouble you?'
'Not at all, it doesn’t bother me. I don’t know anything about how he’s actually using the money, but I do know that everybody’s attacking him with whatever weapons they have. If he’s defending himself with my money, then that’s more than fine with me.'

An analysis published Friday by the news site Politico outlined how the fundraising works. It found that Trump’s biggest money spikes came not when he gave a speech or got an endorsement, but on the days he got indicted. Trump then channels the grievance for fundraising leverage with his “small donor Army.”


February 1, 2024

Dashlane Passkey..

This month's Atlantic magazine has a two-page ad from Dashlane.... talking about getting a passkey from them to get rid of the Bazillion passwords that we collect.
Anybody know anything about this? Good idea?
I'm old, goddamit, and I am tired of having to look up my passwords on my encrypted Password File every time I get the dreaded "Your login or password are incorrect" screen.
School me... please.

December 26, 2023

Anybody use Nextdoor? It's for keeping up with local events and gossip..

Of course, it has been taken over by rightwingnutjobs. Climate deniers, anti-vaxxers, Biden haters, trump lovers.. They bend every community discussion into uncharted, weird territory.
Increased car prowls? Biden's fault. Gas prices falling? trump's policies worked in the long run.
Etc... ad nauseam.

Today, I posted trump's cheery Christmas message, with no comment, and cut comments off so there wouldn't be a back-and-forth, divisive bunch of posts.

Nextdoor deleted it because it was "disrespectful". No shit. I'm appealing, pointing out that I was not being disrespectful, that I posted the actual message, and that I also posted Biden's Christmas message....with no comments and cut off comments.

Those fuckers want to stifle anything that doesn't fit their narrative.

December 24, 2023

Speculation... what would have happened if trump had admitted defeat?

Perhaps he'd be in a stronger position today. After all, the whole insurrection thing - and court cases related to it - isn't grabbing many new votes from the Undecideds (whatever that is).
The NY case could be passed off as political, like trump is doing now, but the real shitstorm could have been avoided.
trump could pose as a narrowly defeated candidate who is the answer to America's hope, instead of a bitter loser.
This fits with what I've said all along... trump would lie even if the truth could save him.

December 8, 2023

Warming is a huge plot, and only the skeptical few know the Truth.

I'm on "Next Door" to keep track of what's going on locally. Of course, it's infested with rightwingnutjobs. I usually just ignore them.... too busy to bother...but one rant about how warming is a hoax caught my attention, and I started thinking that HERE is our real problem. Stupidity alone is not a complete explanation. Science denial added to paranoia may kill us yet. Climate change...or the next pandemic... and we are toast.

Me: "You are claiming that the world's climate scientists are all in on some deep, dark plot, is that right? But only you chosen handful know the truth.. is that right?

Him: "Yes."

Me: Have you watched the film "Don't Look Up"?

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