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The Democratic Socialists of America Go Further in for Bernie, Hiring Campaign Manager to Help

The national organization wants someone to run an independent expenditure arm in support of his candidacy.

Upping its involvement in the 2020 primary, the Democratic Socialists of America are bringing on board a campaign manager to help run political operations in support of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT).

The group has posted a job listing, obtained by The Daily Beast, for an individual to run an independent expenditure arm on behalf of the Vermont Independent Democratic Socialist. The hire would “report to the Organizing Director and work closely with other staff to develop and strengthen Democratic Socialists of America’s campaign work to elect Bernie Sanders President,” the listing reads.

Known historically as a left-wing institution on the outer edges of the ideological spectrum, DSA has become a more potent political force as its ranks have grown. The organization now boasts more than 56,000 members, and its creation of a Sanders-specific political post reflects its increasing comfort in wading into national elections. The campaign manager, according to the listing, is expected to visit chapters an average of one week per month, oversee organizational efforts alongside the Bernie 2020 committee and manage at least one campaign organizer.

DSA has already endorsed Sanders’ campaign despite some pushback from some members due to the senator’s prior comments on reparations, which he refused to explicitly endorse. An IE arm would not be legally allowed to coordinate with the senator’s team. But it would allow DSA to spend additional resources that it could not do through its political action committee, which can only place $5,000 behind a federal candidate. According to an internal document sent to chapter leaders explaining their decision, the low limit combined with the desire to move the group’s agenda in more aggressive ways is why the organization went this route.

The Daily Beast

O'Rourke unveils $5 trillion plan to combat climate change

EL PORTAL, Calif. — Democratic presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke has announced his first major policy initiative, a $5 trillion plan to combat climate change that he says will keep the Earth from sliding past the point of no return in less than a generation.

The former Texas congressman unveiled his proposal on Monday before a tour of California’s Yosemite National Park, a dramatic backdrop for a move he hopes can jumpstart a campaign that began to much national fanfare but has seen some of that luster fade in recent weeks.

The plan calls for increasing taxes on “corporations and the wealthiest among us” and “ending the tens of billions of dollars of tax breaks currently given to fossil fuel companies” while offering federal grants to encourage innovative improvements in housing and transportation. It seeks to spend $5 trillion over 10 years to improve aging infrastructure nationwide and to take “significant actions to defend communities” preparing for intensified floods, droughts, hurricanes, fires and other natural disasters fueled by a changing climate.

Like others in the packed field of Democrats seeking the White House, O’Rourke promised to sign climate change-fighting executive orders on the first day of his presidency — including rejoining the 2016 Paris Agreement, from which President Donald Trump withdrew the U.S.


It's called the Rent Relief Act.

Kamala Harris: I'll help low-income Iowans afford their rent

Over the last few weeks in Iowa, an important conversation came up that echoes conversations I’ve heard across the country. The cost of living is rising, and with skyrocketing rents, too many families are struggling each month to keep a roof over their head.

In 99 percent of counties in America, a minimum wage worker, working 40 hours a week, can’t afford a one-bedroom apartment at market rate. State senators like Claire Celsi, Zach Wahls, and Kevin Kinney know first hand what this crisis means to the Iowans they represent.

In Sen. Wahls’ district, mobile home residents, many of them on low and fixed incomes, recently found out that in 60 days, their rent will go up 58 percent. Since then, he’s been working diligently with Sen. Kinney to prevent this from happening again. Sen. Celsi spoke out about the crisis, rightfully pointing out that in Iowa, just like many states, there is not enough of a commitment to providing affordable housing.

Desmoines Register

Biden lets America know that help is on the way

“This is America.” That is the last line in the video former Vice President Joe Biden launched this morning in his long-anticipated 2020 Democratic presidential primary candidate announcement.
The video was incredibly compelling as it spoke to a moment in our history that rocked the soul and conscience of the country — the march of white nationalists in Charlottesville that pit neo-Nazis against counter-protesters who marched against hate and racism.

The horrible conflict was followed by Trump's deplorable comments equating the two groups, saying, “There were fine people on both sides."

As an immigrant Latina who's raising bilingual Latino children and whose heart has been broken, along with countless other Americans at what this president is doing to the fabric of our country, Joe Biden’s words moved me and his message shook me to my core.

His speech made me feel like there was help on the way from someone who truly understood just how much of an existential threat Donald Trump is to America.

The Hill

4 years ago, same-sex couples couldn't get married in Tampa. On Tuesday, the city elected a lesbian

(CNN)On Tuesday night, former Tampa Police Chief Jane Castor was elected mayor of Florida's third-largest city. Castor's victory was national news because she's the first lesbian elected mayor in Florida -- and the first in the broader southeast as well.

In search of more info about Castor and the broader political landscape that elected her, I reached out to Tampa Bay Times reporter Kirby Wilson. Our conversation, conducted via email and lightly edited for flow, is below.


Biden is Trump's most anticipated -- and feared -- rival

Washington(CNN) He's the Democratic candidate President Donald Trump has long worried would emerge as his general election rival. Now, with the entry of former Vice President Joe Biden into a crowded primary field, a race that once seemed to Trump like abstract chatter has sharpened into a concrete proving ground that will challenge his hold on the nation's political spotlight.

Already, Trump has noticed with unpleasant surprise that the Democratic field is occupying more and more airtime and print inches -- space he has enjoyed largely to himself for the past two years. He's worked to counter the tide, returning to his practice of conducting phone interviews with friendly television hosts and increasing his angry output on Twitter.


Sanders gets tough reception at minority women's event, signaling challenges ahead

HOUSTON — The groans erupted halfway through Bernie Sanders’s appearance Wednesday at a presidential candidates’ forum sponsored by She the People, a group that aims to drive up voter participation among women of color.

Before an audience of about 1,700, many of them African American and Hispanic women, the moderator asked Sanders (I-Vt.) how he would handle the rise in white supremacy. Sanders spoke of fighting discrimination and running a campaign “to bring our people together around an agenda that speaks to all people” — then returned to a familiar message on universal health care.

For many in the audience, that was insufficient. “Come on!” a woman shouted from the back, as others began to jeer and boo.

The reception reflected Sanders’s struggle to win support from minority voters, a problem that dogged his 2016 primary campaign against Hillary Clinton. Sanders has taken steps since to improve his outreach, including meeting with black leaders and talking more frequently about the difficulties facing minorities, but Wednesday’s event suggested the senator still faces challenges.

Washington Post

This morning, Joe Biden properly defined the term "Economic Anxiety."

It seems to be bother some people.

Economic anxiety is a term that came about to give cover and comfort to the deplorables that Biden highlighted in his video. Economic anxiety is a term that was bestowed upon a group who fear an economically inclusive America and equal opportunity for all. The term, as used near the end of and after the last election, was cover for the opposition to Clintons progressive message of a more just economy. It is flat out rooted in racism. It is comfort for those not willing to be on the front lines with the white nationalists.

Bidens video really brought back the fond memories I have of HRC and the campaign she ran. The grief she took. The made up problems people had with her. Her brilliant mix of social and economic justice. It is that mix that brought about the need for cover for the economic anxiety voter.

Joe Biden Just called the racists deplorables in the most beautiful of ways. Put down the economic anxiety bullshit. Our progressive values address it directly. Hillary Clinton addressed economic issues in a very good way. She addressed the concerns of those now being labeled as having voted for Trump because of economic anxiety. They voted the way they did because of the fear of a more inclusive economy, economic, and social justice. Most are figuring out they were lied to. Joe Bidens blue collar appeal will work with them without pandering or ignoring that which their anxiety comes from.

The White Nationalists Biden highlighted in his video are the front lines of the economic anxiety crowd.

Joe's Story and More

From Scranton to Wilmington to the White House—with thousands of train rides in between.

“During my adolescent and college years, men and women were changing the country—Martin Luther King, Jr., John F. Kennedy, Robert Kennedy—and I was swept up in their eloquence, their conviction, the sheer size of their improbable dreams.”

"We have too often allowed our differences to prevail among us. We have too often allowed ambitious men to play off those differences for political gain. We have too often retreated behind our differences when no one really tried to lead us beyond them."

"The United States Constitution says We the People. Not We the Donors."

Read Joe's Story Here

Joe's Vision For America: America is an idea.

An idea that goes back to our founding principle that all men are created equal. It’s an idea that’s stronger than any army, bigger than any ocean, more powerful than any dictator. It gives hope to the most desperate people on Earth. It instills in every single person in this country the belief that no matter where they start in life, there’s nothing they can’t achieve if they work at it.

We’re in a battle for the soul of America. It’s time to remember who we are. We’re Americans: tough, resilient, but always full of hope. It’s time to treat each other with dignity. Build a middle class that works for everybody. Fight back against the incredible abuses of power we’re seeing. It’s time to dig deep and remember that our best days still lie ahead.

It’s time for respected leadership on the world stage—and dignified leadership at home. It’s time for equal opportunity, equal rights, and equal justice. It’s time for an economy that rewards those who actually do the work. It’s time for a president who will stand up for all of us.

Read Joe's Vision Here


Find Or Host An Event For Biden Here

Donate Here

Joe Is The Onesie

Amy Klobuchar was excellent at the She The People Forum.

I watched the forum before bed last night and thought it was great. I think Castro and Klobuchar really took the night. Warren did extremely well she was just asked questions that were a bit more narrow in scope. She did great at answering the questions she was asked.

With that, I was really really impressed with Klobuchar. I’m not as familiar with her and I need to learn more about her. She was great.

Other candidates were really good but I think Klobuchar and Castro really stood out. Mainly because of their direct answers to the questions. It was also nice to be reminded of how accomplished Castro is. He clearly looks at and understands the big picture.

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