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Member since: Thu Sep 27, 2018, 03:11 PM
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IMO: The Tide is Turning. Trump is going to be removed from Office.

Thank you, Nancy Pelosi for your impecable timing. What has come out recently is making a mark, a big mark. It's ugly and it's shocking. There is outrage mounting. The acts and statements against Amb. Marie Yovanovitch simply cannot be ignored or said to be false, fake news, or the Dems plotting against Trump. This is sick, serious and felonious conduct. It is beyond acceptable and IMO, Nancy knew and waited until the absolute moment to slam it home. He's going to be removed and when this takes place, we have Nancy and the House Dems to thank.

I feel it in my elderly bones -- and hopefully I am correct -- he's going to be removed. There is simply too much dirt to sweep under the rugs in the Senate chamber. It's like way back in 1974 I felt the tide turn against Nixon when those tapes came out. IMO, the Lev Parnas docs are of the same ilk. This tide is going to sweep Trump out of the WH.

OMG...LAM F/N A off!!!!!!


He has better "kidneys" than Melania!!!


Best suggestion I have heard today re John Bolton.

I was listening to MSNBC and I hear a commentator -- not sure who -- suggest the following:

If Bolton wants to testify and is agreeable to do so pursuant to a congressional subpoena, then let Schiff open the impeachment hearings and subpoena him again.

Works for me. If Bolton wants to put it out there -- most likely for his book sales -- that he has something to say, then let him say it or STFU.





My first Jeopardy games? Hosted by Art Fleming. The cards for the Answers were hand pulled.

Jim Carrey


Boy, ain't that the truth! The AWFUL truth!!!

Wasn't it Merrick Garland?


I'm sorry, but IMO, there is no way the House Repukes believe...

...one word of the crap they are saying in the hearing this morning.

Maybe some are that dumb...but all of them??? IMO, the are liars and MF45 enablers.

Wow, the Minority A-holes seem to be panicking

I wonder how much pressure the orange asshole has put on them -- like blackmail info -- to have grown adults act like two-year-old spoiled children who are not getting their way. This is totally disgusting,

I watched and listened to everyday of the Nixon impeachment, I do not remember childish conduct like this.

Remind me again how both parties are basically the same


Kamala is out so I picked someone else.


We MUST defeat that POS in the WH and IMO Joe has the most promise of doing this.

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