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Well I've put up my first post in GD for years

I donít care to much if Iíve made a fool of myself, I just hope I havenít led people down the garden path. Time will tell.

Whatever the FBI finds, Kavanaugh will NOT be confirmed for SCOTUS

I got into Yale Law School. Thatís the number one law school in the country. I had no connections there. I got there by busting my tail in college. Kavanaugh under Oath to the Senate.

Everett Edward Kavanaugh, Brettís grandfather, attended Yale as an undergraduate student. Everettís Name appears Yaleís 1928 year book. Brett Kavanaugh was a Yale legacy Student.


Thatís it. Thereís no way out. No wriggle room. However faulty Kavanaugh recollection of events 30+ years ago may be thereís no doubt at all he would be aware of his familyís connection with Yale. Itís as open and shut as you can get Ė Lying under Oath.

Flake was asked on 60 minutes If Judge Kavanaugh is shown to have lied to the committee, (his) nominationís over? Oh yes, Flake responded.


There may be no way out for Kavanaugh, but Kavís pathetic little lie provides a very welcome out for Flake and his flakettes, the GOP, Trump and conservative jurists. The last thing they want is to have a protracted discussion about a how an apparatchik with a drinking problem and a Ďcheckeredí past came to be nominated for the highest court in the land.

Whatever the FBIís findings Flake et al will try to zero in on Kavís pathetic little lie, with the tacit support of the Republican leadership, conservative jurists, and Iíd wager the Chief Justice. Kavanaugh testimony backfired Big Time. He is figure of fun, of ridicule, at least for those women who donít recognise the angry abusive men who have traumatised them and their friends.

Kavanaugh was the guy who was supposed to cement a conservative majority on SCOTUS. He is compromised. Trump will dump him Ė heís loyal to no one. I expect we will here something like ďJudge Kavanaugh mad a stupid mistake. Itís a tragedy. Heís a brilliant man, but Iím deferring to the SenateĒ

End of Story.

EDIT: It may be that Kavaughís statement he had no connection to Yale Law School is not clear cut perjury. If so I apologise for posting a dead end . Time is too short for sloppy mistakes. Sorry.

Remembering David - Bowie sings Imagine

David & John Lennon were close friends. Lennon worked with him Davidís only Number 1 - Fame.

David performed Imagine in concert on the the anniversary of Johnís death -

The first person Maria Gallagher told she'd been assaulted was Senator Flake

Not her girlfriends, nobody. Her mother found out watching Maria on Television.



I previously posted as Ďlampreyí in DU2 and Ďdenemí in DU3. I stopped in 2016 when DU became a circular firing squad. Itís been a while. There are not many names left that I recognize. Anyway, Iíll let my posts do the talking. As Micheal Avenatti says ďLetís GoĒ

EDIT: I guess I left out the most important thing - I couldnít stay on the sidelines as the GOP prepared to appoint a rapist to the Supreme Court.
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