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Gender: Female
Home country: USA
Current location: MD
Member since: Wed Oct 24, 2018, 08:30 AM
Number of posts: 1,584

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Pete Buttigieg has accused President Donald Trump's administration of radicalizing Americans.

How long before the international community begins to treat white men like they did Muslim men after 9/11 and begin to place them on watch lists as potential terrorists?

With every new mass shooting and declaration of being Trump admirers by the mass shooters it might not be long.

Bet the GOP is sorry they started that BS with Schiff. If he weren't so valuable in the House

he could run. The GOP has a way of elevating Democrats to higher positions.

Hey Dems: Is this a good mantra for 2020? WE CARE, DO YOU? NT

Sounds like Betsy is pulling Trump under the bus with her.

I sure hope that the MSM ignores the MAGA rally tonight. Give the devils no place.

That is all.

I will just leave this here about Executive Agency budgets.

They simply do not go forward without WH (presidential) approval. If Trump didn't know what was in the budgest being forwarded to Congress from his agencies, he is derelect in his duties as Head of the Executive Branch. If he did know, he is a heartlese SOB.

I just do not believe that he did not know but wanted to use something for the news to cover to show him as not so bad and to bolster a claim of fake news.

The media is not doing its job when it allows a Trumpeter to say they like Trumps medical

program and doesn't ask her to identify the program and how it works.

(Interview of Trump supporter standing in line for his rally tonight in Mich.) Don't know the reporters ID

I believe Trump is guilty of a lot of things. If nothing else, A CLEAR ABUSE OF POWER.

It plays out daily right before our eyes and ears.

After all that sucking up to Trump to save their seats in the Senate and the House, Trump in one day

is ruining their chances to win with his dracoanian attack on the ACA.

They support him, they stuck by him, they are just like him and voters should treat them just like him. They all need to be thrown out of office.

Does anyone get the feeling that Trump is trying to push for impeachment to rev up his base and

stoke outrage from people who may not like him but who will be angry about impeachment?
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