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Gender: Female
Home country: USA
Current location: MD
Member since: Wed Oct 24, 2018, 08:30 AM
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Saw this man on cable earlier today. What is the deal with Martin O'Malley? Could he be

a possible candidate for Democrats in 2020? He seemed impressive. Anybody here had first-hand experience with him as governor?

Notice that all the Democratic women being interviewed by Ari had issue specific approaches.

The GOP candidates, at least the one from WA could only attack her opponent and had no prescriptive comments.

I choose not to call them "supremacists" i call them white "dominionites"

They aren't "supreme" they just believe they are. Their real credo is dominancy and they are dominionites.

I know it won't happen, or at least I hope it won't happen, but eliminating birthright citizenship..

How would they do that even with a Constitutional amendment? Would people be grandfathered in? Would it be retroactive to a certain date? Would that make Trump not a citizen?

The real reason Trump insisted on going to Squirrel Hill TODAY

In the coming days he has scheduled several rallies. He didn't want the optics of leaving the site of such a horrible tragedy and going to a hateful rally afterward. He is just special deplorable.

Axios reports that Trump is now going to try to do away with Birthright citizenship.

Wonder what he is going to do about all those Russian, Scandinavian, Asian women coming here to have their anchor babies (that you don't hear about)?

Trump attacks media for reporting exactly what he says and does.

H wishes they would lie more like he does.

Sure, we have had a history of heated and even hateful political rancor ... but

i don't recall every having hateful, incendiary, political venom right out of the mouth of an ignorant, President from his bully pulpit on a daily basis. If you don't believe that Donald Trump is inciting these vile acts of terror, you aren't paying attention or you just listen to FOX and RW talk radio all day long.

Kurt wins the day!!

Kurt Eichenwald

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Given his "these are equivalent" argument, let's give @hughhewitt Hugh Hewitt" a choice:

He can be in a restaurant and have someone yell mean things at him.
He can hold a bomb made by a political opponent.

Get the difference NOW, Hugh?

Wake me up when Trump posts bail for the MAGABomber. He said he would.

Or was that just meant for his followers who only attack people at his rallies?
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