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Member since: Wed Nov 7, 2018, 11:32 PM
Number of posts: 648

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Trump calls for "retribution" (violence?) against SNL for making fun of him

Trump, who has in the past successfully incited his followers (MAGA bomber) to plan violent attacks against the media, raised eyebrows with his tweet today:


Debunking the "Candidate A is outperforming Candidate B because of name recognition" theory

Regarding a recent poll showing Joe Biden leading Donald Trump by a margin larger than everyone else, several members have voiced their opinion that this is only because other Democratic candidates have low name recognition.

There are holes in that theory. Let's examine the Emerson poll in question. The following questions cannot be explained by the name- recognition theory:

Why is every low-recognition Democrat beating the universally-recognized Donald Trump?
Why did Sanders poll better in Presidential matchups in 2015-2016 than he is now that he has higher name recognition?
Why do some candidates perform worse than a "generic" (zero recognition) candidate in other polls?
Why are Beto and Sherrod Brown outperforming Sanders?
Why did Sanders outperform the universally-recognized Hillary Clinton against Trump in 2016?
Why did Obama perform just as well and sometimes even better than Hillary Clinton in presidential matchups when Obama had a relatively low name recognition in 2098?

Proponents of the name-recognition theory might argue that a candidate with no name recognition would suffer because there would be a lot of undecided responses. But Emersonforced everyone to make a choice. Undecided was not a choice. For instance, Sherrod Brown leads Donald Trump 52 to 48%. That equals 100%.

Iím going to propose an alternative new ďmedia coverage theory.Ē
My theory is that some candidates would benefit from high recognition while others would not.
For instance. How do we know that Kamala Harris will improve against Donald Trump once Republicans and Russians start attacking her relentlessly on social media and mainstream right wing media?

What if the Russians decide to issue high praise of a Democratic candidate X?
In this case, Candidate X would benefit from high name recognition provided for free by Russian trolls. It worked for the Russians with Bernie Sanders in 2016.

Note that Iím only referring to presidential election match ups and not primary matchups.

Please evaluate my media coverage theory and the name-recognition theory. Thank you.

New Emerson poll: And the most electable Democrat as of today is...

Joe Biden.

Without Schultz, he leads Trump by 10%.
With Schultz, he leads Trump by 9%.
Feb 14-16


California Gov. Gavin Newsom endorses Kamala Harris for president

Source: CNN

California Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom is endorsing Kamala Harris, who represents the Golden State in the US Senate, for president in 2020.

Newsom, a former San Francisco mayor, said in an interview with MSNBC's Chris Hayes on Friday that he has known Harris for decades and she did "an extraordinary job with a very progressive record" as district attorney of San Francisco.

Read more: https://amp.cnn.com/cnn/2019/02/15/politics/gavin-newsom-endorses-kamala-harris/index.html?__twitter_impression=true


Texas poll: Trump leads Biden by only 3%; Kamala by 9%

Beto very close to Cornyn trailing by just 2% in a Senate matchup.


Trump is guilty of obstruction, conspiracy and campaign finance violation (not treason)

Donald Trump is a criminal and he should be impeached and jailed.
He is also a traitor in the sense that everyone understand the term, except courts.

I see the legal treason claim here often, and that's why I want to clarify what kinds of crime Trump committed.

It's simple. The United States has not declared war on Russia.

Let me add that I think this is a stupid law, because countries can harm us without the presence of a war declaration.

But it is the law and Mueller will not accuse Trump of treason in my view.

Here are three non-conservative legal experts explaining:


Someone should ask conservatives: Are the Aurora victims' moms angels too?

Or will God only recruit those whose children are killed by undocumented immigrants?
The killer in Aurora was a US Citizen.

I hear some talk about legislation to curb national emergencies

I support that, but after we milk it in 2021 if a Democrat wins the Presidency.
You can't just let Trump have all the fun.

Ro Khanna (D-CA) tweets praise of Tucker Carlson article on The American Conservative

The first reaction for someone justifying what Khanna did may be that Carlson's article is about anti-interventonism.
But Tucker Carlson supported the invasion of the Iraq war.
And then there's the issue of whether any Democrat should promote a white nationalist at all.

Glenn Greenwald (who also supported the invasion) retweeted Khanna's tweet:

This poll is bad news for everyone but Kamala

She's tied with Biden in California in a new poll, with Sanders trailing them by 6%.
California votes earlier now and has a gazillion delegates.
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