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Traildogbob's Journal
Traildogbob's Journal
September 1, 2020

The only difference

Between trump trucker thugs and ISIS. Trumpers drive American made trucks. Roam the cities with war toys, flying THEIR hate flag, willing to kill opposition, blindly follow a loud moth murderer that never gets near the danger, sends his cult out, barely speak English, hate Jews, and bow to a warped view of a hate filled God. I would not be surprised if trump and his cult expect 72 white teenage virgins in their paradise of white heaven.
How many brave Americans died and are dying to defeat that, protect us from it for Bush and Cheney? Sharia Law is here and being forced into our laws.

August 28, 2020

The event at the people's house

Out house, not the trump family castle.
All the “super spreaders“ lined up across the stage at the finale last night was a perfect exclamation point to the entire Covid Petri dish event, that I am certain will be billed to tax payers. And most of the billionaire class there, pay no taxes. Every female lined up on stage at that finale, have a knack for “spreading” to keep their economy strong. That whole line of lying thieves lined up in front of our house, that represents American democracy, like some Royal family of inherited wealth and privilege, should make every dead soldier rise from their graves and kick us in the face to wake the fuck up. (Obviously excluding confederate soldiers).

August 27, 2020

Is it just me

Or are there any others that look at these daily 200-300 point rises in Dow and know it is just Wall Street and billionaire manipulation to re elect Trump. 30 million unemployed, millions facing losing homes and the Dow soaring to keep trump for more tax breaks, pollution, and thievery. How many of you are wallowing in cash with portfolios as thick as the Binders full of women Romney has on his desk?

August 22, 2020

Great seeing the outrage

Here about the USPS. Listening to DeJoy lie like a Trump Friday was damn infuriating, but worse was hearing Ron’s Johnson closing, apologizing and butt licking him about how the Dem conspiracy and coordinated fake Dem call ins to hurt his reputation. AND, fucking Rand Paul asking DeJoy how can the senate help him to privatize the USPS. Has ANY state done more to fuck the whole nation than Kentucky by keeping Paul and McTurtle in power.
Just fuck you Kentucky GOP brainless zombies. With a rusty bent crow bar.

August 14, 2020

South Dakota biker

Anyone see the video of the Sturgess biker woman walk up to a baby Bison and get attacked. Wanna bet she was an anti Masker trump supporter? Should there not be an IQ test to ride a bike? Trumps bikers, thousand of the with trump banners!!!😆 is in taking out Trump votes one at a time. They have had enough of GOP habitat destruction and Trumps cabinet. Sorry, no sympathy for stupid. They risk your life with Covid, and may kill you in a car/bike crash.
Call me what you will, The video made me laugh. Trump hell says it is ok to laugh at tragedy.

August 7, 2020

Tax returns

Wondering who else has been wondering where your refunds are. I am at 4 months since filling. Went to IRS2Go and IRS site. Will not accept my entry. Called my tax preparer today. She called IRS yesterday, they are 4 to 6 months behind. Understaffed. More GOP fuckery. Like Post Offices. Those refunds could help people hurting bad and go back into economy. GOP do not give a fuck about people. Nor one fuck, and trump is at his course for 3 day break. But his cult is fine with it.

August 5, 2020


Really? And he mentions he has done more than Roosevelt in the same segment? Muir should cram his walking cane up his drug riddled nose like a Covid test.
Did he get that from Kanye yelling at Jared, to bring diet cokes for his and Donnies election strategy meeting.
Is that a Jewish National Reserve habitat under supervision of trumps private National Park Police.

July 30, 2020


I don’t know how many of you watched the video streaming here from the white guy, standing in the most racist city in the country, holding a Black Lives Matters sign, but THAT is the underbelly of this country. Completely sickening drive by’s of white scum shouting at him. That video should be streaming in every VA hospital so all the Black Veterans can See what their service was for. If any black athlete ever plays a sport on any team in Arkansas, ever again, maybe take a look at the people there and what you mean to them. Sorry, I do not know how to post the link, it was on the video section here at DU earlier today.
And that same town is very hard core Jesus country.
A disgusting representation of humanity, especially the most pristine genetic strain of our species.(sarcasm there if I need to state it.)

July 27, 2020

Here they come

I live in WNC. I just had 7 Apache Helos fly over my home, semi rural mtn side. They were at probably an illegal altitude. My home is around 3,500 feet MSL. They almost blew my hat off while out in the yard. I understand trump came to NC today to avoid John Lewis Memorial. I live in that asshole Meadow’s district. (Before Putin sent him to DC) Thinking they may be staging at storm trooper takeover to Beat John Lewis ratings sweep of himself. (UN)lock and load. War is coming to a town near you. Second amendment anti tyrannical gubment takeover whiny Needle dick bitches, what’s up?
The war machines were 200 feet over my head. Gettin Great out here. And Melanoma what’s to redo the Rose Garden. Guessing with many trump head on Rambo body golden statues.

July 22, 2020


The GOP are like a swarm of sweat eating knats hovering around trump’s ball sack like a hive, taking turns entering his asshole to tickle his enlarged prostrate. If Knat swarms have a queen like bees, CONway and Mc-a-Ninny are sharing that throne. Worker Knats and soldier knats have specific jobs.
We need to spray pesticides on that ball sack to kill em all. Pest control=Massive voting.

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