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Member since: Wed Dec 5, 2018, 04:45 PM
Number of posts: 2,078

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Full moon, Halloween, Stolen Elections, murder hornets, Covid, Vanilla ISIS roaming streets in pickups, Guns at polling places, Supreme Court witches talking in tongues, 2020, no worries. Happy Halloween everyone. A year when a maskless trick or treaters is the most horrifying costume. A maskless screaming Karen. 😱😵😱😵

Trumps accordion hand gestures

👋🏻👐🏻Turkeys and many species in the class “Aves” will fan out and spread their tail feathers to look bigger and intimidate any predator. He wants to make those tiny hands appear large and fend off any aggressors. Be thankful he does not have tail feathers and thrust his ass in our face. Wait......he has an asshole below his nose.

Only four years

Last night I watched the MSNBC special of the White House photographer highlighting the Obama years. I cried a few times remembering his passion, humanity, humility, intelligence and care for people hurting. The images of him with families of fallen soldiers, Sandy Hook parents, and so many Americans that faced crisis after crisis esrmecmy soul. Not once can I remember a second of Trump showing any concern for anyone.
This morning I scrolled through dozens of DU post headings, and thought how fucking far we have descended into a shit hole society led by a shit hole faced tyrant in just 4 years. Imagine the descent of another 4 years.
Thank you Mr Barrack Obama and your family for the grace and love for us while staying in our house. Those images may one day inspire a broken nation to overthrow GOP rule of hate to take us back to what so many took for granted while you LEAD.

Super stupid spreaders.

The two most infected spreading states in the Nation. Florida and Texas. Today’s game Florida at Texas A&M. The stadium is packed. Maskless fans on their feet Screaming none stop, waving towels spreading the screaming mist even further. We are doomed. DeSatan last week ordered stadiums for pro Football to allow full capacity. What a shit hole country. All these folks gonna get Trump health care?

If he only had a brain

A brain you say?
An Abby Normal brain. Watch him walk and stand. Exactly like Peter Boyle, or any Frankenstein actor. Soon he will be so far gone before election, instead of a debate, the GOP will put him on a stage with a cane to sing “(Putin) on the Ritz”. To prove he is smart and a Perfect Specimen. An Olympic God. He is Good. People love him. It’s ALIVE!

Trump Bored

Trump’s people said trump was bored and needed the Drive About over the weekend. So, how about Ivanka show him how to build the “Blanket Fort” that she showed us how to occupy children early in the pandemic, give him stacks of blank paper and multiple black markers. (Why the hell does “proud BOYS allow black markers. Give him white markers for those EO’s he signs) And he and his kids, we will leave Baron out of this, can get in the fort and play royal family. Melania can put up Fucking Christmas decorations so the Baby Jesus can not cry. That would Be Best. Lock the all in that play room. Oh, do not forget Jarod and the brother’s gold diggers. Maybe a Putin blow up doll. No masks allowed.


Is that a request From Kamala team to protect from White House Petri dish, or from Mother, to keep Mikey away from Kamala? She is not only brilliant, but a very attractive lady.

Wanna end the mask war?

SCIENTISTS tell us this virus attacks blood vessels, veins and capillaries leading to long term damage to especially lungs, organ with most vessels, the heart, kidneys and other organs. Name another Organ that is totally dependent on its function of blood vessels. The penis. So Bloomberg et al should start a media blitz of dead and dying penises of Covid victims. Even a pill can not pump blood into an organ with damaged, “Shriveled”, vessels. I have also seen reports of amputation of limbs from lack of blood flow from severe Covid damage. ALL men would begin wearing double N95 immediately, and the Kens will demand their Karen’s wear masks to protect their junk. Just saying!

Any thoughts?

If tRump et al can use the court post election to void the election and assjgn trump king, how far down ticket will all elections be voided? Does it mean McConnell, Graham, Collins and many others will keep their seats? May be why McConnell et all are hell bent on sitting a judge. They can keep President and senate after loosing. Please, tell me I am wrong. McConnell and Graham may see they can be fired so this is how they keep their jobs, I use that title very loosely.

Any thoughts?

I just heard a caller into the Thom Hartmann show tell Rep Mark Pocan that he has been notified, as a disabled veteran, he will now be charged a monthly premium for his veterans health care. This has to be a decision from trumps 2 nonvet Mar-A-Logo pals he assigned to run the VA. This needs sceamed loudly after his exposed displeasure of military ppl, as he is on the way to destroy SS and Medicare. A promise made that will be kept. Can we get veterans tee shirts with military branch served with the “Loser, Sucker” printed on them? Right winger trumpets, stick you phony ass “Thank you for your service bull shit up your ass! You are not welcome. We did not sacrifice for your current bull shit. Right now, I would step aside and allow you to be attacked, and cheer it on,
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