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Member since: Wed Dec 5, 2018, 04:45 PM
Number of posts: 5,836

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Don't know about all y'all's

But I pray Gov Cooper keeps the mask mandate through the summer. I have a fifty year High School reunion, and my eyes have not changed a bit.
Have ya noticed the biggest anti mask hell raisers have the ugliest faces? Damn, take advantage of the situation.

Am I wrong in thinking

There will be mass burnings and sticker removal of Trump/Pence flags? Not sure they will be a duo anymore. Probably be replaced with Trump/Greem flags. Most dickTators do not have VPs anyway.

All school children

Should immediately proclaim their allegiance to Shamanistic faith and ideology. Gubment school lunch programs need to shift to those demands.
Whats good for the Moose...........

I really

Wish Congress could deny Hawley, Cruz, Bang Bang Barbie, Johnson, Greene, Graham, Jordan, and many other GOP, access to the capital viewing of Brian Sicknick. They are responsible. Having them there for fake ass respect is a fucking insult.

Who to pull for?

Being a long time 50+ year Cowboy fan, I have had to, for many years, learn to find a reason for pulling for a super bowl winner.
Usually find something that helps me cheer one team over another. Some times are more difficult.
But NOTHING could be more difficult than being a reasonable GOP fan (????) and having to choose between Rubio and Princess Trump.
I know, reasonable GOP as likely as big foot and unicorns. But those two clowns. Rubio Bible quoting, Ivanka carting her prop Bible in a &3,000 purse.
Jesus F**king Christ. (Can he actually do that?)

Anybody see a pattern?

One party has lied us into wars, lied to keep us there since Vietnam. One party loves to lie us into battles that OTHERS go fight in so THEY keep power and money. Use to be in other countries. Now they lie us into a government takedown for power and money while others do the fighting, die and ruin their lives. One party. Not both sides. Patriot, prolife party of God.

Homeless and broke

Trump will have to join the “YMCA” to shower and do his hair.

Was just reminded

Hank Aaron was given the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2002. Think of his accomplishments through all the racist hell he went through to achieve them and the inspiration he gave to so many others in the world. Then think of Rusty Limpballs, Devin Nunez, and Gym Jordon’s life long struggles to get that honor.
GOP idea of honorable people.

Press pool

Is there a minimum degree required to be in the press pool at the White House? Some of those question are just stupid. Like sitting in a classroom and there is that one person that thinks he/she appears intelligent that asks questions just to hear themselves talk.
Not just Douche!
Jen has some serious patience and tolerance.
Some think they are still addressing KayLee MAGAninny, or Huckleberry.
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