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Member since: Wed Dec 5, 2018, 04:45 PM
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Notice how Scott, Graham and GQP use the word “Sunset” to end Social Security. Sunsets are beautiful and so calming. Sounds pretty good to idiots that breath in and thrive off of GQP bullshit.
When what they really want to do is kill hundreds of thousand’s of seniors and disabled citizens on SSDI. It’s “slaughter”, nothing like “Sunsets”. We need to speak in very descriptive terminology when telling voters what Pro Life and Sunsetting SS and Medicare does. Killing Americans. End health care, bankrupt retirees, kill women, allow and encourage climate catastrophes, allow deadly diseases, send others to war without care when they return, overprice life saving drugs, poison food, water, and air, unregulate carcinogen emissions, guns for all, and Like Boebert said, “killing is Legal”, cost of freedom, and we can go on. They do not care who they Kill. Period. Even their own cult. Kill, kill, kill, but pray pray pray. Actually should be Prey Prey Prey.
Sunsetting SS will kill and destroy lives. They just want the 2+ trillion trust fund for gambling.
How the hell we can’t smother GQP in November is unbelievable, but so is the level of lack of intelligence in AmurKKKa.
They want to Sunset democracy and this country. Sounds pretty and colorful and soothing.

I have heard

A lot of discussion about allowing clinics on federal land. What about allowing Veteran's Hospitals to give all women the needed health care?

For the next

Mass child slaughter, and there will be more, instead of a moment of silence in Senate and Congress, there should be audio tape of the muted screaming of children from Uvalde. And the powerful rapid fire of the AR.

Can you see the difference

Last Night Lawrence O’Donnell could barley contain his emotions, had to stop talking and put his head down to not cry on set, trying to report and say, “children's screaming” in the newly released TEXAS school mass slaughter had to be muted. Now remember the, “Sick Son Of A Bitch” BuyBull toten Christian Mayor, shouting at Pete, and now using choice words to rant at the media release of the video of Good Guys with Guns, “Standing down and Standing by”. A difference of a man that IS pro life and heartbroken at kids heads being exploded, and a TEXAS mayor intent of protecting image of officers over children’s lives. The Mayor should have that audio of those screaming kids played at his house 24/7 and so does Ted Cruz. You can’t mute the horror away and move on.
Also, at debate hearing on guns, GQP brought in lots of props to argue gun rights, including a DOOR. But not a single AR 15 brain blender was spoke of or used as a prop.
Lawrence is a Radical Left communist child assaulter in the eyes of Fox, trump cult and all 147 GQP coup ASSociates.
Thank you Lawrence for representing dems and right to life Americans. The choice of our future is obvious. No both sides bull shit.

A message for

Scalise. Hey fool? About your after 9/11 not Banning airplane analogy, the damn Airlines became the most “Well Regulated “ industry on the planet. Way past time to “Well Regulate” the
Militia. My thought and prayer for you, I pray the bullet shrapnel still lodged in your ass, hurts like hell while you get paid to sit on it and do not a damn thing. About anything.

American exceptionalism

One party says,
We can’t and won’t fight this virus, or any future ones
We can’t and won’t fight planet destruction creating climate change
We can’t and won’t end poisoning water, air and food
We can’t and won’t end Gun slaughtering of kids
We can’t and won’t prosecute treasonous actions by government
We can’t and won’t have health care and affordable meds
We can't and won’t care for elders and poor and post womb children
We can’t and won’t allow you to vote against us
We can’t and won’t allow women to control their uterus
We can’t and won’t allow immigrants
And after next two elections that party will be in control forever. God be Blessin MurKKKa, his chosen white only country. A shinning beacon for the rest of the world. All my fellow veterans that died for this. God damned shameful.
The Republicans “Ten Commandments”. Approved by their Jesus and in the Newest testament of the magic book. The only book allowed in schools. Commandments Posted in courthouses and schools after 2022 elections
Hand carved in stone by Moses’s living brother, Mitch McConnell.

Win win!! The American dream

Corp CEO’s, especially fossil fuels, have the absolute most to lose under Dem policies. Like paying a shade more in taxes, and they pay little to none, and environmental regs on those industries. So, now they are ranking in billions more in profits for a political scam to oust all Dems. Manufacturing inflation to scream Biden’s admin did this. What a sweet gig for them. They usually “spend” billions to oust Dems, now they are “making” billions to oust Dems. God be Blessin MurKKKa, again, just like is printed on the coin of the realm. Profiting billions to get rid of any that want them to share in the cost of the country. Damn, how can we battle that? Just gives em more lose change to buy elections.

Here it comes

If you saw any of the NFL draft……thousands packed in, nut to butt, (old navy phrase about packed in tight always in line waiting), unmasked, screaming, waving towels and hugging from all over the country. They will ALL be flying back to their states, now legally unmasked. What say you, Dr Fauchi?

Cawthorn alert.

I never watch local (Sinclair slop) news here in district 11, home to Meadows and Cawthorn, But saw a lead in to the News at 11 that teased about the primarily debate for Cawthorn’s seat. He was a no show (? but they had a brief shot of each of the 7 or so hopefuls to unseat him. Every damn one was an illiterate R/W zombie that looked like center folds from a Wall-Mart who’s who magazine. All trump humpers with the IQ of a single dried up sperm on a sock of Donald’s himself. Platforms from the wall, to Hilary’s email, to Hunter, to guns and God, to I’m not a politician and will thow out the criminal “Democrat” scum. One fool shouted the favorite mating call, “Biden is the biggest threat to the nation”, with an evilgelical like “hands to the heavens” gesture while shouting in tongues and spewing “tobacki” laced with Covid through the packed room. I will not even comment on the crowd appearance with Cawthorn for President tee shirts, size medium on a size XXXL 250 pound 5’2” frame with the same hair stylist of Marsha Blackburn. Made Cawthorn seen like a viable seat holder in our congress. We are fucked. And this within the City limits of blue as hell Asheville. They get these fools off the outside bench at a single chair barber shop (Mayberry Style) that sit there everyday, all day, and share 6th grade wisdom they gained from a life within a 75 mile radius and spoon fed Fox News world insight.
How low we have gone to search for leadership.

Very sad

Watched a lot of Foo Fighter Videos on MTV live yesterday in honor of Taylor Hawkins Passing. At one of their shows he had “RIP Charlie” on the front bass drum head. Hope they are both part of an amazing drum circle at the city square of heaven, with John Bonham and Keith Moon and so many more. Makes me wanna start living right soI could attend those sessions on weekends, with some Jesus approved wine.
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