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Traildogbob's Journal
Traildogbob's Journal
August 3, 2022


Notice how Scott, Graham and GQP use the word “Sunset” to end Social Security. Sunsets are beautiful and so calming. Sounds pretty good to idiots that breath in and thrive off of GQP bullshit.
When what they really want to do is kill hundreds of thousand’s of seniors and disabled citizens on SSDI. It’s “slaughter”, nothing like “Sunsets”. We need to speak in very descriptive terminology when telling voters what Pro Life and Sunsetting SS and Medicare does. Killing Americans. End health care, bankrupt retirees, kill women, allow and encourage climate catastrophes, allow deadly diseases, send others to war without care when they return, overprice life saving drugs, poison food, water, and air, unregulate carcinogen emissions, guns for all, and Like Boebert said, “killing is Legal”, cost of freedom, and we can go on. They do not care who they Kill. Period. Even their own cult. Kill, kill, kill, but pray pray pray. Actually should be Prey Prey Prey.
Sunsetting SS will kill and destroy lives. They just want the 2+ trillion trust fund for gambling.
How the hell we can’t smother GQP in November is unbelievable, but so is the level of lack of intelligence in AmurKKKa.
They want to Sunset democracy and this country. Sounds pretty and colorful and soothing.

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